I am following Jemma Baines blog because I love this girl! We worked together before she went overseas to take over the world. Quoting Jemma" I have been modelling for 1 year internationally and I can't believed what I have achieved thus far,shooting Chanel and modelling for Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Marc Jacobs just to name a few designers" I am pretty sure, as a makeup artist, I know EXACTLY why Jemma is doing so well... not only is she amazing as a model... she is also such a great person to be around. I think the fact she is also from Radelaide makes her cool. Ha! In all seriousness though... she is an amazing face to work on.

Reading her latest blog post... it really reminded me that as makeup artists we really can get caught up in 'product land' purely based around what WE like to use...its affirming to know what the models we work on really love as well. 


Jemma just blogged her 5 go to's that help her stay looking fresh. In the world where what I am sure feels like 100 different looks on your face... which includes removal and reapplying... per day... we can clearly see these have been well tried and tested as skin friendly products.

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** all images and text written by Jemma Baines **

You may wonder how we keep our skin and hair so pristine and beautiful? Yes, eating healthly and exercising regularly are major factors but sometimes the constant re-appliance and use of these products from artists help preserve and maintain them with ease during a long fashion week/shoots. We have make up and hair going on all day, maybe up to 6 times depending on the amount of shows or looks. I believe without these good products our faces may well be stripped of natural moisture/oils and making new skin cells harder to surface.

Here are 5 top Beauty products behind the scenes :

1. Embryolisse

This is a miracle cream! Its a moisturiser and a primer, the best of its kind. Embryolisse is light and fluffy in texture and easy to apply. You will realise an instantaneous difference with Embryolisse after using it for the first time that it clears the skin and it does not irritate. It hydrates and balances your skin tone working with the oils making your face supple and soft. Its used as a base for make up and a hydrator at shows. It has a pleasant smell and its very popular amongst the make up industry and I often see it stashed in a lot of my model buddies bags.

2.  Démaquillant Yeux Intense ( Chanel eye make up remover )

This is the best, I mean the best, Codie Young can even vouch for this. It removes make up gently without damaging the thin skin around your eyes. It leaves no oily feeling or any grime. It removes everything from a thick smoky eye to eye lash glue. It is an eye make up remover but its used for face as well for those stick ons or stained lips.  I often see models bringing it with them to shows and shoots to be used, it preserves and doesn't leave your skin stripped or dry.

3. Lucas Paw Paw ointment/Smith Rosebud Salve

I am stuck between these two lip creams, they both are very good in doing their jobs. They are perfect for all weather and offer the same benefits with appliance on lips, except Lucas' helps heal itches, bites and bruises, which is perfect for models with long limbs. I personally have the rosebud salve as I love the smell and the silky texture, I also use it for my nails and cuticles. I am in an on going argument right now with my room mates about Lucas' ointment being more preferred. Either one is applied constantly to keep our lips soft during the season. You decide?

4. Dissolvant doux ( Chanel Nail colour remover)

Chanel again!! This little bottle of joy is the best investment you will make in your nails, if you are a constant nail painter. It saves a lot of nails during fashion week being gentle and moisturising. You do not need to dampen a whole pad to get off a dark tone with this remover, 2 dabs are quite effective and it leaves a lovely smell after using it. Its much more effective than your general supermarket acetone and its little bottle is chic looking in any kit.

5. Maison Pearson Hairbrush

Once purchased, its a life time hairbrush. These brushes are the only kind used backstage! (So I have seen, give and take the random wet brush) When you brush your hair with it you'll notice the difference automatically, making your hair softer, shinier and it bristles feel soft on your scalp. This indestructible brush tames frizz and shapes your do without tugging or pulling. This is the probably the accomplice to all those amazing hair styles in the magazines you see. They're made from either pure boar bristle / nylon or both. Best investment in hair care.  

So there you have it! Now, I am not saying these are the only best products, I know theres only 5, but these are the recurring products that I see and hear about most at shows/shoots, so they must be good and I am not looking older yet... (touch wood).

I hope this helped anyone who is curious! If anyone wants me to blog about something particular leave a comment or any questions. :)

Have a good day!