My latest Body Art project is out in the big wide world so I can finally share. 

When I say 'finally'... it wasn't like the wait was long for this at all. Thom Kerr in his magical dedicated mind got this campaign completed in super fast turn around. Such a nice luxury compared to some of my shoots that I am still waiting on... even 12 months after we created them [note - not a project with Thom as that last sentence may imply]

There were many challenges and profound beauty to come from this shoot day. My favourite memory being for the most part of the shoot we had whales crashing in the ocean behind us... they were so close you could see the barnacles on their bellies. What an amazing experience... here I am up to my elbows in paint trying to apply the final touches of Silver Paint to Amy skin and the squeals in my ear from her when she sees a whale were exciting... combine that with the Navy Planes flying over every hour... I could swear I was in an episode of the Twilight zone.... and very proud to say that is a work day for me.

What I learnt from that day is;

  • How to contour a face with silver paint as a base... quite a challenge for those perfectionists out there... my lesson there was patience. Embrace Patience.

  • Your Airbrush system will almost ALWAYS let you down... and when on a time restriction... always have plan B and C. Plan B is what you see in these shoots which was hand apply contouring.

  • Never, ever, ever park in a no standing zone [even if it doesn't inconvenience anyone] to drop anything off as those pesky police will love giving you and expensive piece of paper instead of looking for real criminals who are actually doing things to negatively impact someone elses life. 

  • Silver Paint is actually surprisingly easy to remove from skin... as easy as a swipe from a baby wipe. Brushes, however, like to think they are being guilded and will hold onto that silver [especially around the ferrule] for dear life.

Before I get on with sharing the rest of the images... here's something for any aspiring Body Artist and current Stylist or Designer out there.

It is ACTUALLY possible to combine body art with fashion in harmonious shooting. 

I am lucky enough to have people around me who trust that I will not destroy expensive couture with my outrageously messy body art [ insert sarcastic font here ]. This is the third shoot in a year in which I have been trusted to create for a shoot with the stylist using valuable and amazing pieces. The success is all in the careful planning and prep work. I have been able to create body art with Bex Sheers for Vogue Italia Talents, with Thom Kerr and Sarah Birchley for Black Magazine [soon to share] and here with Thom for Phoenix Keating.

I enjoy busting the myth that body art has to be about mess... inconvenience... and an unworkable addition to a campaign.

Anything is possible in this world. 

I believe Body Art to not only be a delicious form of art... but something that should be [and already is] considered as a bespoke accessory for any shoot. Gone are the days where body art should be the shining siren of a shot... but when a beautifully applied piece of body art has been applied it should take the role of an accessory that enhances the shoot... some times goes unnoticed for what it is. That is where the art and the beauty lies.  

Miss Unkon includes body art in nearly every campaign created and not only gets a nice amount of attention... it always enhances the shoot never distracts from the fashion. 

Lets keep pushing the boundaries of whats possible for body art... whether it be an intricate design applied over hours... or a simple design of changing the texture of the skin... body art possibilities have not been exhausted. 

Photography - THOM KERR 

Hair - IGGY


no couture was harmed in the making of this campaign

phoenix keating 3.jpg
phoenix keating 5.jpg