Strangely when I posted this article... the entire content about the event was lost. Let me try that again. 

On Halloween I was invited to the Australian Colleges EERIE-SISTABLE SPOOKTACULAR! 

It was to be a showcase of their students work and having my roots in spfx makeup... of course I wanted to attend. 

DR Evil and his Skinny Me hosted the evening in the impressive facilities of The Australiasian College... and after everyone getting up and doing the Time Warp [a dance I know like the back of my hand thanks to my days as a Draculette] we were all in the mood for some spooky fun!

What I THOUGHT I was seeing was a showcase from makeup students whom were close to the end of their course. The creations looked well thought out and applied nicely. What I was ACTUALLY seeing was a days work by relatively new makeup students and hairdressing students... some of the makeup creations were done by people whom had never even played with makeup! The themes were picked out of a hat at the beginning of the day and the result were from creating on the spot. 


I loved this! Anyone who knows me I am a big supporter of any project in which challenges and stretches makeup artists in their creativity, mindset and skills... this day was clearly all of that. I shake my pom poms for any project like this. 

It was very evident that The Australasian College have a strong foundation of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who can create a day like this... and keep an encouraging space open to allow students of every background and skill level to flourish... I applaud you for what the even would have taken for everyone to execute. 

It felt strange for me to not be dressed up for Halloween for the first time in years... but I felt very at home at the college amongst the ghouls, gore and shenanigans. 

Here are some pics from the night thanks to the Australasian College. 

DSC_0008 (3).jpg
DSC_0020 (3).jpg

A Halloween article wouldn't be complete without paying homage to my roots by sharing two clips that were the first dominos in a line of events that took me to the place I am now...

...Firstly, a place where I am very comfortable... in the world of Rocky Horror - The Time Warp - A dance I did every night for 4.5 years at my beloved Draculas... where my love for makeup was discovered and the place I came out of my shy shell

... and secondly Thriller - hands down the best film clip from my childhood [ closely followed by Aha's 'Take On Me' and RUN DMCs Walk This Way (only because I wanted to break through a wall just like Mick) ] ... THRILLER was the first time I noticed makeup as something interesting. Little did I know what I would be doing as a grown up....