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The hardest thing about this course is explaining it's not really a body art course. 

Well.. it is... and it isn't.

It's unique and I love it. I don't know any artist who wouldn't get something awesome out of it for themselves.

 Let me explain...

Last year I was invited by Makeup Artist Magazine to speak at IMATS.

As part of The Green Brush Project... there is an exercise where you list what things you would love to happen in your career... a 'wish list' you might say. Speaking at IMATS was on my 'in a few years' category... little did I know when I created my list it would happen in a few short months.

Thank you again to my model Olga and my assistant Michelle Dube... couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you again to my model Olga and my assistant Michelle Dube... couldn't have done it without you!

Makeup Artist Magazine asked me what it was that I would present if I were to talk at IMATS. I had one of those moments of 'oh shit'... however it didn't take long for me to work it out.

Years ago I was working backstage at RAFW doing makeup on an Alex Perry show. It was in that last chaos half hour where models were arriving late from other shows and hair and makeup had to be done at the same time to have the models ready. There was myself and one other makeup artist who were dedicated to eyes as per the Key MUAs direction.  

I found myself on my hands and knees applying an involved makeup look to  models who had her head to the floor as hairdressers were gluing in hair pieces. There was no such thing as a still model... or even a face to work on that was facing forwards. I was working from the floor looking up to my models faces.

It was an impossible situation.

A thought flashed though my head... I was silently amazed how calm I was and how accurate I was under those circumstances. We busted out those makeups so fast and amazingly balanced. I didn't waste any time worrying about if I was going to stuff it up... just got in there with no hesitations and got it done. 

It wasn't that long before that fashion week that my confidence had me insanely nervous before any job.. during... and even after worrying if they liked it or if I had done the right thing. Was I good enough? I thought it was normal to be like that... and in saying that hadn't noticed it all slowly changing.

I had on a couple of occasions (before that RAFW) been surprised by the improvement in my contouring and I seemed to have finally become comfortable with every kind of liquid liner.

That night after the Alex Perry show... I had a moment to relax and it all came to me... I had begun playing with body art on a more regular basis at the time I started to see results in my makeup application and confidence. I was experimenting with highlight and shade... different line work... experimenting with patterns and designs that were challenging (but a great challenge!). I can't say it all looked amazing... but the mere action of 'play' was having an unexpected benefit.

I worked out that all that fun I had been having... was actually training my eye to naturally see where highlights and lowlights should go. Body art was training my hands to be more precise with the brush. Body art was a playground that was actually teaching me to be a better makeup artist!

It was one of those AH-HA moments!

No wonder I felt more confident when applying lips, liquid liners, contouring.... pretty much across board my skills were becoming polished. I was also alot faster with better quality. Win win!

The more I thought about this concept the more it made sense.

The repetition of brush strokes, shadow work and working with textures really transferred over to my makeup skills. The face is only a certain size... . Body art obviously is a much larger canvas and allows such freedom to be creative and you are forced to use everything you know as a makeup artist but in a different context. By doing that... I think I was also taking the personal pressure off myself as a makeup artist which gave me the freedom to just go for it with body art with no censorship. 

After all.. I had never had a body art lesson and I was doing body art with the skills I learnt from face painting and makeup.

So for the next few years... that was in the back of my mind. As I played more with body art... my makeups were accelerating in how confident I was about applying makeup. It was really remarkable.  

I also felt creatively satisfied... so when I was going through one of those periods of being asked for 'natural' or 'smokey eye and a nude lip' cluster... I didn't feel unfulfilled.

I also touched on this idea when speaking here at Salon Melbourne in 2012... I focused more on the art of being a body artist and only lightly spoke about this 'body art to train your makeup skills' concept

I also touched on this idea when speaking here at Salon Melbourne in 2012... I focused more on the art of being a body artist and only lightly spoke about this 'body art to train your makeup skills' concept

So back to IMATS... and I let makeup artist magazine know I wanted to talk about this very concept.... I called the one hour demo "Unlocking Creativity and Skills with Body Art"

It was a full crowd and so many people came up to me after and said how it all made so much sense and they couldn't wait to try what I had shown them. I was also asked if I was going to teach a course on it. "well I could!" was my response and here we are!

I have changed the name as this ISN'T a course just to become a body artist. Of course, if that interests you... you are definatley going to get what you need to get you on your way to being a body artist.

This a like a makeup artist boot camp where the training method is body art.

My goal is to have everyone leave feeling inspired and empowered in a whole new way to practice your craft as a makeup artist. We may even see some future body artists be born... to their makeup artists surprise. Ha! I know first hand that the skills of body art has made me more employable as a makeup artist in numerous situations... it might be a surprise addition to your skill tool belt!

If you think you aren't one of those 'creative' people - I go through with you step by step the techniques that will have you on your way to a confident hand. You do not need to think you are creative to get what you want out of this course.

The course leaves you with a professional image of your body art creation (sent at later date), a certificate of attendance and a whole new way to work on your craft. It will change the way you see things.

You have me on call for the week between workdays if you have any questions about your day 2 body paint design... or need advice.

I can't wait to run these classes!

Be some of the first Makeup Artists to learn this concept.

Details are below... see you there!

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