my inspiration for the day...

Its been a really strange start to the year for alot of fellow MUAs including myself... like a car chugging to get momentum. Things are happening, then cancelling, then double booking, then going ahead... we are yet to reach the ease and grace momentum like riding in a new car on a smooth road.

Does that really exist anyway? Are alot of our frustrations a result of desiring an imaginary set of circumstances? Do we think everyone else has those circumstances and we are the only ones having a strange time? I am no so sure. 

What's that saying...


Because of this I choose to spend less time in Facebook these days. I also choose to share the mediocre reality of being me... I don't want to contribute to just talking about highlights... but it's kind of natural to want to.

The past few weeks have been more of a roller coaster than I have had in a while... the past couple of years have definatley been like a roller coaster (changing cities, ending a marriage) but I think I just hit the grand whammy. Maybe this is an indication that the ride is almost over. I certainly dont want a perfect smooth ride of boredom... but forwards momentum would be nice. Up and down in the same spot is making me nauseous ha!

The one silver lining of all this craziness has been it has cemented for me what i want to do with my life .. and certainly what I don't. I have dropped some 'goals' of mine that I realised were there as 'that's what people like me want to do' in their careers and life etc. I have had a chance to really look inside what inspires me and am now working towards making that a reality. It's crazy as its what I always wanted.... but I started listening to people around me and made me think I should be following a different direction.

So here's to roads less traveled, prosperity from doing what you love, and courage to go for it day after day.

These are some pics that have been inspiring me for an upcoming project .. flowers make me so happy and are my go to when feeling like a creative and courage pick up.