Let me clarify... this isn't just a body art course.

In just over 2 weeks I am running my 'Body Art for Makeup Excellence Course in Sydney... then Melbourne and Brisbane to follow.

After a few conversations with people... I feel the need to clarify exactly what this course is about!

It concerns me alot think it's a body art course and are missing the gold of the REAL intention of this course.


No... this isn't just a course to learn to be a body artist.

This is the course for those people who get nervous when asked for any makeup that that aren't 100% confident with applying.

This course gives you access to being a calm and creative makeup artist in any circumstance.

I teach you how to use body art to build your confidence and natural abilities. It works!

People ask me how I can just stay calm and do any kind of makeup regardless of the time restrictions and notice... this is how. I wrote this course for all those who kept asking. It's no secret.

This is the course for those people who want to train their eye and hand to confidently apply any makeup brief. No hesitation.

We use body art as the training method.

This is a course for those people who want to explore being more creative with makeup and satisfy their inner artist who just wants to be creative.

You don't need to want to be a body artist to do this course. You need to be the kind of makeup artist who wants to elevate their makeup skills and confidence.

It isn't so hard you wont be able to do it.

YES! If you want to become a body artist this is a fantastic beginners course as well.

Some people have said things like... 'it looks hard'. How do you know until you try it? LOL I teach you what to do it will be fine. I am nice. I am also patient and supportive and have a commitment you leave uplifted with what you can now do.

Some people have also said " I can't do body art". Thats why this course is here... to blow apart that idea. If you can do makeup... you can do body art. If you say you can't I am here to say 'bollocks'. It's the same skill set and the whole basis around the idea that training in body art will improve your makeup skills.

I will show you exercises to do with body art that you can even do on yourself... that will train you in a way that when you go back to makeup... you will notice a new confidence and ability to be more refined, accurate and versatile. 

any more questions please ask!

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