Transcience Photographer Thor Elias


Photographer Thor Elias

It seems the theme of 2013 has been 're-invention'.

Getting rid of the old and in with the new. Not from a space of the 'old' was wrong... more like a spring clean to feel enlivened. In my case... to be honest... out with the old, not because I choose to... but because I kind of feel 'pulled' to (could that be a nice way of saying 'forced') .

My old blog has been issues since the start thanks to time wasting hackers and I have had enough. I had to let go of the money I put into the site, all the hours of work put into building it up... and start a fresh. Luckily I can't say start from scratch. It's just a makeover. When I can let go of what I have done up until now and just create from a new clean space... I know it is for the best. I love the clean slick appearance of my new blog. It's going to be great for what I am up to this year.

The old format was starting to look too chunky for me... so I have stripped back. It feels great. Image size is bigger. I loooooove that. Navigation should be simpler. I have dropped the community area for now. It was only really creating a gateway for spam from my end. So much spam it was insane. It will all be rebuilt in a more useful and powerful way. Same with the resources page. 

This phenomenon of 'reinvention' is happening in pretty much ALL areas of my life.

Relationships ( I am happily separated and single right now )

My home ( I am new to Sydney and just moved into a new apartment )

My car ( it died last week so this year I have to work out how to get a new one).

I have been working with all new clients this year.... 

I am even transforming my look. I have done away with the blonde hair (to my mothers soon to be horror) and embracing my natural colour for a while... growing it longer than its been in years. And I love it. Also due to being quiet at the moment... the extra gym sessions I have been occupying my time with... I am pretty sure my voluptuous ass is getting transformed too.

Change can be stressful and I can assure you it has been. What I have had to deal with for months is unbelievable... if you told me a couple of years ago what I was to encounter for 2012 and the start of 2013... I would have told you you were a pessimist and to get stuffed. What could go wrong has gone wrong to the extreme. If I bored you with the details it would take hours... and I now resort to laughing about it as it seriously feels like the universe is fucking with me. It hasn't been all bad... there have been some highlights. From all this I know I am well trained in making lemonade from lemons ... and I always remind myself that I have my health and sanity (some would beg to differ)... and in the face of all this chaos I still get to be the kind of person that makes things happen even though it feels like the world is falling apart around me.

AND I am not in the asylum. Bonus.

AND I know I am not the only one so we are all in this together.

Someone posted this on instagram recently which made a big difference to me...

I really have the feeling that if I stay focused on my goals... and let me assure you this isn't an easy task for someone who has been at this game for 12 years and feels like they are only scraping the surface... if I stay focused and keep going even though there are so many barriers I feel like I am a contestant on 'Wipeout'... one day what imagine will be my reality.

I studied makeup 12 years ago and have been doing body art for longer... One thing I remember clearly from my course was Peter saying to us... NEVER GIVE UP.

So if I am in a phase of complete life reinvention... I have to relate to it like an opportunity not like anything is wrong don't I? If I never give up... who knows when what i want is just around the corner?

Kind of exciting really.

And so that is what I will do... I am working to fill this blank canvas of a future with all the delicious goodies I want for my life... and all the obstacles mean they are just things that are in the way of THAT DELICIOUS LIFE WE ARE CREATING FOR OURSELVES... not as obstacles that mean I am doing the wrong thing. The alternative way of thinking just doesn't work for me... even though it creeps in whilst I am sleeping. Sneaky Bastard.

Thor Elias whom I worked on Transcience with is doing a re-invention with our old shots (opening image). Alot of people around me are doing reinvention of their entire career. I know I am not alone in this trend. Forced trend or chosen trend that doesn't matter.

I love this project and want to continue building it. I have such a big image of how I want it to look and I never envisaged it would incorporate my own blog... but there you go. I had too much feedback its what people wanted to see... my thoughts, opinions and work I got over myself and am getting on with it. I hope you love my blog the same as I love creating it. 

Reinvention can be really scary... and it can also have an amazing silver lining.

 I now have a blank canvas to fill with whatever I want. Over the next few weeks I will re-blog my favourite past blog entries so they can be found on here...

Hurray for the new!

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Becca x