The Green Brush Project Scholarship

When I first sat down to put my ideas for the Green Brush Project onto paper in 2010... one of the ideas was to create scholarships for talented artists to be able to attend courses that would be a contribution to their growth as makeup artists.

Being an artist myself who was also soon to go through a (happy, loving) divorce (yes it's possible) and about to relocate cities... those plans seemed so far away. My single lady freelance funds weren't going to create much at all.

This Sunday is my debut 'Body Art for Makeup Excellence' class in Sydney. 

It seemed like a natural thing to do.... open up a place in each class for a scholarship.


Reading through all the entries for the Sydney Scholarship... I was looking for who I could make the biggest difference to.... it was so hard!!!

I ended up throwing my arms in the air and declaring a tie.


Donna Sillett


Anastasia Jade

Hurray for Scholarships!

Hurray for Scholarships!

Congratulations to you both and thank you for being a part of a dream of mine! Here's to more Green Brush Project Scholarships being available in the future!


Scholarships still open (they close one week before dates)

CLICK HERE for more details.