We have basically had to chase and pin down Makeup Artists to find out what we as a collective REALLY want discussed at the Makeup Super Panel. BUT WE DID IT!  

Today I finalised the topics for discussion between myself, Rhiane Schroder, Merton Muaremi and Rachael Parnell at next Mondays Makeup Super Panel at Salon Melbourne.

Dont forget you can still get tickets... and if you mention me you get 15% off!


Thanks to Heart Beauty Magazine for my fancy pic in their DEBUT edition! Pick up your copy of this delicious mag at your local news agency! If you want to discuss anything outside of the panel... find me at their stand on SUNDAY! Also on the LAUNCHPAD stage at 12-12.15 if you want to know more about the Green Brush Project!

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Like Heart Beauty Mag on Facebook!

So with no further delay... here is a summary of the topics you said you wanted discussed! 

The way it will work is as a panel we will chat about each of our own views... then open the floor for questions. 

No question is a 'dumb' question... its a relaxed and open atmosphere! 

Topic one.JPG

Overwhelmingly one of the biggest concerns about this industry was your own doubt and worry.

We will discuss how important your own ‘mind set’ about who you are as an artist to being a success in this industry.

How do panel self motivate?

How do the panel deal with social media/bullying? 

topic 2.JPG

A lot of concerns that we heard in collecting our topics were actually based on ‘perceptions’ not fact.

We decided to address some MYTHS.  

“You have to beg, claw or steal your way to the top… it’s each to their own!”

There is a secret society of success and I am the only one not invited.

Everyone else knows what to do but me.

Working in editorial will make me rich.


Topic 3.JPG

How to Charge.


When to say yes and when to say no. 

Building and maintaining working relationships. What is the panels advise?

topic 4.JPG

This is where we open the floor for additional questions! 

We do have some up our sleeve... however this is our chance to ask something that would make a difference to YOU and breaking through YOUR OWN glass ceiling.  I guarantee someone else in the room was thinking it... be the one to stand up and ask.

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See You There!