Makeup Super Panel - Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling

Let's start with the delicious cherry on top. 

The Green Brush Project is committed to making life a bit easier for makeup artists... so after a conversation today with the amazing Salon Melbourne ladies have agreed to offer...


If you mention you are 'Friends of The Super Panel' you will receive 15% off your ticket to 'Break Through Your Glass Ceiling'!!!!

If you mention you are 'Friends of The Super Panel' you will receive 15% off your ticket to 'Break Through Your Glass Ceiling'!!!!

For the upcoming Salon Melbourne Makeup Super Panel: Break Through Your Glass Ceiling event!!


All you need to do is mention you are a 'Friend of The Super Panel' when booking your ticket. 

Please contact the organisers on 020 9422 2535

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Why come to the Super Panel? 


Because it is not that often a bunch of Makeup Artists get together to discuss their own 'Glass Ceilings' and possible solutions or actions you can take to break through your own glass ceiling.

We all have our own Glass Ceiling - a goal we are working towards but aren't there yet... sometimes there is something in the way and we dont know what. 

we all have our own version of a glass ceiling

we all have our own version of a glass ceiling

What will be discussed? 

We have spent some time gathering the industries concerns... and I tell you what...  it's kind of like getting blood from a stone. 

You guys can be tough nuts!  

I think I know why...

Everyone loves coming to classes, learning, assisting, googling, you tubing and facebook stalking other artists.... but its hard for Makeup Artists to come out and talk about their concerns... because of myths and beliefs about themselves as an artist.


One of the biggest myths is: 

Everyone else knows what they are doing except me.


Ring any bells? 

There are a lot of makeup artists out there... and you could be one of them... who relate to the industry like there is some secret solution to success.. or one way of doing things... and it seems like everyone else knows what the secret it except us... and we act like we ALSO know the secret... to save face.... and avoid looking like we don't know. 

Most of us get a lot of our insecurity because of this.  We think it's true.

It causes unnecessary stress. 

We think everyone else knows the one thing we dont know.  

We then spend hours trying to find out what it is. 

The big joke is there is no ONE industry success secret we dont know. 

Sometimes the only think holding us back is our own imaginary constraints.

Careers are made from CREATING what we want to get up to. We want to discuss this in the Super Panel to give you access to what you can do to CREATE your career. 

What we are going to discuss first up are Industry Myths like this...  how the panel have dealt with their own myths... and ways we think you can get on with your career without holding onto your own myths like they are true! 

Once you can get freedom around myths... you are free to create what you want for your career. 

Some of the panel will be up to you! We are opening the forum to questions as well... don't worry you wont have to get up on stage to ask... you can even pre-email your question, topics etc to me!


We will discuss actions to take... actions NOT to take... and hopefully clear a path for you to get on with things in a more relaxed manner. 

So grab your 15% discount and come and come and come to get some clarity and confidence for your career.