There is no 'template' for a wedding makeup design. 

I often hear or see brides try and achieve what they think is a 'bridal look' and sometimes this isn't a match for their own personal style. Some people get caught up in what they think a 'bride' should look like instead of just aiming for the best version for themselves... 

I recently shot for and the reason why I love working with them is because they help blow apart the imaginary 'template'... and Karissa's taste is stunning. I go goo goo on every shoot.

For this shoot I got to work with Amanda Griffith from Chic Management. Her skin is super beautiful and we knew for this shoot... less is more. Team that with the beautiful photography of my mate Ali Mitton... its a dream job.

I created a super sheer base with a liquid foundation mixed with primer.  I set with a translucent powder (more to be camera ready than anything.)

Blush was created using a creamy peach lipstick.  

On the eyes were loose dusts in gold/neutral tones and mascara. 

Lips was lip balm only.


If you are a bride who doesn't wear makeup... who says you have to wear an entire face of makeup on your wedding day to look and feel amazing?


Please enjoy some of my favourite images from the editorial. 

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Art Direction / Styling / Production:  Karissa Fanning & Taegan Reid / The LANE 

Photography: Ali Mitton  
Makeup: Becca Gilmartin 
Hair: Becca Gilmartin 
Location: Step Up Dance Studio, Sydney 
Décor Styling: She Designs Events  
Model: Amanda Griffith – Chic Management



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