Every now and again you stumble on some behind the scenes photos that make you remember you have been saving them for when the shoot came out and/or a rainy day.

Today is that rainy day... and I am giggling just remembering how much of a naughty child I felt this day and FORGOT I had photo evidence. 

Let me explain. 

Elliot Ward-Fear's SPIRIT OF CLOTHING A/W 11 was a big deal for all of whom were involved on the shoot. We were shooting Elliot's much anticipated range and with non other than 'just exploded onto the modelling world' Codie Young and photographer Thom Kerr.

The planning... the prepping... the secret nerves had us all produce a look book I am still proud to have in my book.  The buzz of the day was palpable and we all had our grown up creative professional hats on.

On Makeup/Nails was myself and on hair was the gorgeous Shaun Casey and Reichen Hodsdon

I am a big believer of being professional with a blend of having appropriate fun... but this particular day...There came a point on the shoot where the three of us discovered something uncanny whilst Codie, Thom and Elliot were shooting. .. and somehow Hair and Makeup threw their professional creative hats on the ground and donned childish 'laughter is hard to contain when you shouldn't be laughing' hats. 

It's never good to mock anyone... especially a phenomenal model... but shit. It was almost as outrageous as the first time you realise the Canterbury emblem has 3 kiwis in the negative space...



Or the first time you saw the HORSE meme


Or the Duck meme... 


Or the time you can't drive into Brisbane anymore without giggling because someone told you the Suncorp Logo looks like a bent penis... you can't unsee that stuff! 


Well... for us...It all began with Shaun delving into his bag for a healthy snack... 

This was the moment the room divided into the professionals... and the giggling children. 

The rest can be told in pictures. 


uh - oh is that a fig?

uh - oh is that a fig?

hair and makeup use their talents wisely... 

hair and makeup use their talents wisely... 

the likeness is uncanny... 

the likeness is uncanny... 

I wonder where the actual picture of Codie patting her mini me's head is?

I wonder where the actual picture of Codie patting her mini me's head is?

And that was the day we realised Codie's hair was modeled around Shaun's favourite snack.  ha ha ha ha ha.