Sarah Blasko - All Of Me
beautiful sarah.jpg

I am really proud to be posting this recent work... This is Sarah Blasko's latest clip to her song 'All Of Me' from her album, 'I Awake'... once you watch it you will see how not only is is a beautiful project to have worked on... but an interesting makeup challenge. 

Sarah by no means was any kind of challenge in the traditional sense... however what I enjoyed was the challenge to conceal not only top and bikini area... also her navel. 

For my fellow makeup nerds...

I used Platcil Gel-10 with a tint for the navel (all bought at Barnes). For the bikini area it was a McGyver style Platcil Gel-10 invention with a modified piece of underwear and some Platcil Gel-10 for the edges... Sarah also had Black contacts from Scottys. ...I then airbrushed an Alabaster foundation all over for a sheer milky appearance.... we all still wanted her skin to show through and wanted the look as raw as possible. Quite a departure to the original idea which was black background and black painted Sarah... 

The change of concept was within a very short time of filming hence my McGyver styles with the makeup... there was no time to sculpt and prepare proper prosthetic pieces. And this is why I love this job... when you pull it off and no one notices your head spinning in circles trying to work out how to do it... it's a personal victory and I could quietly give myself a high five. I was problem solving and  making sure Sarah was comfortable at the same time . She is a courageous, talented and gracious artist!

I was so relieved with the concept change as although a black version of the clip would have been spectacular... it could have been anybody painted in the clip... you would not have been able to tell it was Sarah... the rawness and freshness of the alabaster makes me think I am watching an art instillation at a gallery not just a film clip. 

This is definitely one of my favourite jobs to date. Both Sarah and Wilk (who directed and shot the clip) are amazing to work with and I definitely had the feeling of art being created for the sake of art... not a clip just to sell songs. An emotional exploration done visually.

Enjoy x