Face2Face 2012 Beauty Editorial winner Vivianne Tran

At the Face2Face Makeup Awards in 2012, Brisbane Makeup Artist Vivianne Tran entered both the Beauty Editorial Inspired and the Runway Inspired categories and took out first place in both Categories amongst fierce competition! ( 'fierce' as in talent not experience ha! We are a fun friendly bunch) 


* all images courtesy of Vivianne Tran

WINNER Beauty Editorial Inspired 2012  Sydney International Beauty and Spa Expo.jpg
WINNER Runway Inspired 2012 Sydney International Beauty  Spa Expo.jpg

As part of the Beauty Editorial Prize, Rae Morris wanted to give the lucky winner the opportunity of a day assisting work... in which on the day of awarding the winner their prize... was so inspired by the category and Viviannes work she CHANGED her mind and offered Vivianne a WHOLE WEEK of assisting with her at L'Oreal Fashion Week in Melbourne! What an amazing opportunity for Vivianne... and opportunity most of the artists in Australia would do anything for!

I caught up with Vivianne to pick her brain about her experience with Rae at L'Oreal Fashion Week and also how she came up with her winning entry.


In 2012, what categories did you enter in the Face2Face Makeup Awards and what inspired your winning designs?

I entered in three categories in the 2012 Sydney International Beauty and Spa Expo – Runway, Editorial and Bridal, and won first place in both the Runway and Editorial categories.

Originally I was only planning on entering into the Beauty Editorial category however I wanted people to see my work in real life, so I made the trip down to Sydney and entered into the Runway and Bridal categories as well. Being under the microscope in front of the judges and working alongside the other contestants in the same room was a truly unique experience. It was an amazing feeling being there and to be announced the winner twice was like a dream come true. I was in tears and lost for words!

For winning first place in the Runaway and Editorial categories, I received two of Rae Morris’s books, I got the opportunity to spend two days working with her back stage at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Melbourne, and I also got to do a one day personal workshop with her as well.

What was working at L'Oreal fashion week Like with Rae? 

I was at Melbourne Fashion Week for two days and our days usually started at 3 pm when we would arrive and set up our makeup stations. Before we got started Rae would give us a brief to make sure everyone knew what they were doing and then we’d watch her do a makeup demo on a model.

Once the models arrived it got very hectic. The first show started at 7 pm so we had to make sure each model’s nails and makeup were done in time for the start. I was part of a team of 20 makeup and nail artists and each night we would need to have prepared 20 models. Sometimes models would be getting their nails done at the same time as their makeup, and other times I would have to do a model’s makeup at the same time she was getting her hair styled by the hair stylist! Once we were done we then had to check and mark off each model when they were completed.

The second show usually started around 9 pm and for the models doing both shows this meant we would need to do a quick change of eye makeup in between. The second show usually finished at around 10 to 10:30. Afterwards we would pack up and leave the prep room usually by around 11 pm the latest.

Overall it was a great experience being behind stage for a major event like Melbourne Fashion Week. I got an insight into how busy it gets behind the stage and how important it is for everyone to work together as a team for things to go smoothly. There is a lot of work you need to do in a short period of time so team work and communication was really important.     

Backstage at L'Oreal Fashion Week 2012

Backstage at L'Oreal Fashion Week 2012


What did you learn from working at fashion week with Rae

Every artist has their own way of doing the smokey look so it was a great opportunity for me to see Rae doing a live demo of the smokey look on a model.

I’ve also been fortunate to have assisted Rae on her Seminar Campaign and editorial shoots in Brisbane and Sydney. It was wonderful to see Rae in action, I got to learn from her and I saw how the creative team works. Meeting Rae and working with her has inspired me to push myself out of my comfort zone, to work harder towards building up my portfolio and hopefully get signed on with an agency.

 What advise would you give to any artist who wants to work on fashion shows… maybe advise to anyone who wants to assist? 

If any makeup artist would like to assist at a Fashion Show, find out which agencies look after the show and contact them directly (and have your portfolio ready). Entering the Expo competition is another good way of getting other people in the industry to see examples of your work.


Vivianne ( and Rae ) working backstage...

Vivianne ( and Rae ) working backstage...

One of the two winning Beauty Editorial images entered by Vivianne

One of the two winning Beauty Editorial images entered by Vivianne

What was the inspiration behind your Beauty Editorial looks and the process in making the shoot happen. 

The theme for the Beauty Editorial look was Spring/Summer for 2012. I wanted a look that was bright, beautiful, and one that would best show off the model’s features. I also wanted an image that the judges would remember and would stand out from the rest of the entrants.

During my research I found most campaigns for perfumes and cosmetics used flowers so I created my images using flowers to make my work related and have an interesting element to it.

Finding the right model for the look was one of the first challenges and the hardest part of this shoot. I wanted someone who could be shot front on, who had good skin, good eye contact, nice large eyes, and full lips! One day I when I was looking through some of my past shoots I saw the model and knew straight away that she was the one who would suit the look I wanted to create.

For the photographer I chose someone who I’d worked with closely before. I know his style and what he likes to shoot so I knew it would work for the look I wanted.

I did a lot research on Beauty Editorials and saw what bright makeup was accepted in the industry and what might be considered too much when mixing bright colours.

When doing the makeup I tried to make sure that I covered a lot of different techniques in my work so the judges could see that I could do different styles. For example, in one image I created the model’s eyes using yellow and orange eye shadow to demonstrate my blending technique skills and gave her pink glossy lips.

In the second image I gave the model bright yellow glossy eyes and gave her two tone yellow and orange lips.

  Do you have any advise for those artists still doing their beauty shoot for the competition?

Make sure you answer the questions/theme and do a makeup style suited to the model. Use a model that you have worked on before or have practiced on before the date of the shoot. Draw out your inspiration onto a face chart, do a practice run the day before on a friend or a model and most importantly have fun and relax.

Why is it worth entering the Beauty Editorial category?

From my view I think its work entering in the Beauty Editorial category because it’s a chance for a lot of people in the industry to see your work. You get to show your creativity and skill.

It’s your chance to get your work out there so other can see your creative work.

  What have you been working on lately?

Lately I’ve been working on a Lorna Jane Campaign, That life’s Magazine, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Brisbane Festival...

Below is some of latest work….


New York Magazine Cover Page Makeup and hair by Vivianne Tran 119.jpg
New York Magazine Cover Page Makeup and Hair by Vivianne Tran .jpg
New York Magazine Makeup and Hair by Vivianne Tran .jpg

Entries close for the BEAUTY EDITORIAL category for the Face2Face Makeup Awards on August 9! Click link below for entry details...  



Rae Morris is also holding 2 valuable workshops at the International Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo

( click on links for more information ) 

25 Aug 2013, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Upstairs front of Hall 3 

25 Aug 2013, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Upstairs front of Hall 3