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My favourite part of my 'Body Art For Makeup Excellence' course is the exploration with my fellow artists on out opinion of ourselves as artists. I am soooooo curious about this topic as the more I delve into the topic... the more I discover we are most definitely our own worst enemy.

The exercise we do at the beginning of the course really gives artists the opportunity to interrupt the thoughts we have that we think are real that are not useful to our career... and replace them with something more empowering... a way to create ourselves as the kind of artists we think we are fighting to become.


It's so simple and produces amazing results! 

I do this for myself nearly every day and constantly surprise myself with what I can achieve even though something inside likes to tell me I can't.  In the Green Brush Project we call it 'negative ninjas'... the ninjas that sneak up out of nowhere and like to cut you down. I also have more MA+ names for them too. 


This quote I believe is actually by Marianne Williamson... not Nelson Mandella... but I am sure he can also share the credit in such a great quote... believer in god or not.

This quote I believe is actually by Marianne Williamson... not Nelson Mandella... but I am sure he can also share the credit in such a great quote... believer in god or not.

This is the very core of the Green Brush Project... which is being reinvented to be more accessible to more artists as we speak! Stay tuned....  website coming soon! 

This week I received an email form one of my past students /artists who wanted to share a recent success of hers.

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how happy I was to hear this. THIS is the reason I do the courses I do... because when a makeup artist has personal freedom around what we do... not only do we have more fulfilling careers... our clients benefit with happier and more confident artists... this is a huge victory! 

Other small victories like "I now understand contouring" and 'Last week I completely nailed the perfect liquid winged eyeliner and I usually struggle with that" might be small off the cuff to the makeup artists saying it to me... but I really get how huge that is!

With more and more stories coming back to me like this... I know this course is definitely worth the hard work to create it,.. its becoming a game changer for so many artists whom have done it. 

I know I am onto something special here with this course... just having other artists understand body art has NOTHING to do with the intentions of the course is the challenge. I hope more victory stories like this have artist see when the unique benefits are.


Thank you Diane for sharing your story! This warms the cockles of my heart.

I had to email you as I had a kind of aha moment this morning.

I did a trial yesterday for a wedding (she’s a friend and we are going to it also) Normally before trials I freak out. Like really freak out. Especially when it is people you know. So I was thinking I wouldn’t do a good enough job for. Absolutely lovely girl though, love her… her but I just felt like that for some reason. Anyway I was freaking out!

Pretty sure I did the best makeup I have done. Normally I get distracted with talking and what not, we talked a lot but I still did everything within 1 ½ hours from when she stepped in my door to stepping out. Normally I run a bit over and I’m all flustered and forget to do things (cos I’m saying in my head I can’t do this) I was so cool, calm & collected while doing the makeup yesterday! I had my makeup set out completely different to how I normally do which helped a lot. I used different colours/ products to what I normally would and I got to use glitter for a bit of bling lol. She absolutely LOVED IT. I’ve never been so happy with my work. The contouring and highlighting was brilliant, liner freaking amazing and colour match perfect! There was no point when I was doing the makeup that I thought I couldn’t do it and it made SUCH a difference!! I always thought I was a perfectionist and would never be happy with my work because you can’t get anything perfect. I’d struggle a lot with eye liner. Didn’t at all this time. This was seriously perfect and it was all because I knew in myself I could do it.

I wouldn’t have been able to have done this without taking your course. I didn’t realise it until I was having a shower this morning and I thought about how well it went the day before. Then I remembered the story you told us about when you were doing that makeup and had like 30 minutes to do 2 models and you were under the pump and you did everything great and weren’t freaking out then it hit you that body art had helped you with this. That’s what happened to me! It DOES work.

I haven’t been practising body art but I got that drawing book and I have been practising my drawing. Reminded me how much I loved to draw and how much I miss art from high school (it’s like the only classes I took, and English because I had to ha-ha) One of my besties is also an art teacher and she said that book is amazing especially some picture you draw upside down? I haven’t gotten to that yet lol. I also got a mindset book which I’m reading in conjunction with the drawing one (it actually mention the drawing book in it too) Kind of boring to read but it’s obviously helping!

So thankyou thankyou thankyou! I wouldn’t have been able to better myself and makeup if it wasn’t for you Becca.
Kind Regards
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