Its interesting to hear everyone's interpretation of what a 'Modern Bride' is to them... and with the upcoming Face2Face Makeup Awards... the conversation is a hot topic for a number of artists taking this years competition on.  

Food for thought... when I was browsing one of my favourite websites LOST AT E MINOR today... I came across this article about a wedding dress that dissolves in water.

Now.. those who know me know how horrified I am when it comes to even the MENTION of the 'Trash the dress' trend or even novelty first dances... but this dress certainly CALLS for a trash the dress moment.

Its certainly an anti heirloom dress... and perhaps many modern brides would like this option... theatrically calling for a mid reception live shower as part of her first dance with her new husband? I am sure I saw that in a drag show once... during a performance of 'it's raining men' a drag queen proceeding to have a shower in front of an audience and removing all his makeup with the finale of the song finished by a man. 

For some people I am sure most of a wedding is all about theatrics to impress the friends and family attending... possibly we will start seeing more theatrics... dissolving dresses... exploding cakes... flash mobs... 

After all... aren't the only essentials at a wedding.... a bride, a groom, someone to marry them, 2 rings, lots of love and a witness? Everything else may as well be entertaining theatrics to entertain the crowds.

**all images from lost at e minor**

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