face2face makeup awards judge - Meryll Faulkner

The judging panel for one of the most popular categories in the Face2Face Makeup Awards this year is fantastic! The Modern Bride category was the first to fill up and my advise for anyone entering next year.... Enter the day the entries open! 


This year the Modern Bride judging panel is....

                   Meryll Faulkner - Principal and Director of Making Faces Make-Up Studio, School of Professional Make-Up. 

Liz See - the founder of  Get Threaded

Amelia Axton - Makeup Artist

Byron Turnbull - Makeup Artist

David Cranson - Makeup Artist


All judges have extensive involvement in the bridal industry... In fact Amelia and I often pair up for big weddings and have a ball together. I consider each and every judge a perfect authority on this category... And no one more so than Meryll.

after reading her interview with me... You will see why.... 

 Meryll, tell us a bit about your background as a Makeup Artist. 

I’ve been in the industry for over 35 years, and in that time have been nominated for the Australian Society of Makeup Awards’ Excellence in Fashion Makeup award, a four times winner of ABIA Makeup Artist of the Year award,  and have had the honor of studying and working with some of the greats, including Bert Charles, Patricia Hutchence and Oscar Nominee Tina Earnshaw (Titanic, The Talented Mr Ripley, Mamma Mia!, Prometheus). After working as a training consultant for major cosmetic companies, makeup schools and other educational institutions, I fell in love with teaching and opened my own makeup school, Making Faces Makeup Studio in 1998. It makes me so proud to see many of my students go on to have great careers in the industry.  Of course, I still work as a makeup artist, and aside from running my own makeup and hair team doing bridal, fashion, editorial and event work, I also am the exclusive distributor, in NSW & ACT, for cult French professional makeup brand, Atelier Maquillage, which I supply to makeup artists, television stations, salons and retail clients.

Meryll... Your experience is admirable and I am sure you have seen some trends come and go over the years.... What is your definition of a modern bride?

I think of the modern bride  as someone who wants to incorporate her own personal style into her wedding through her hair, her makeup, her dress and throughout the ceremony. Just like you would if you were working with a stylist on a fashion job, as a makeup artist, it's really important to know how to interpret this into a look in which the bride feels confident.

 How have you seen trends of wedding makeup evolve over the years?

I've seen many trends come and go - some of the most notable in recent years have been brides wanting runway-inspired colour-blocked eyes, the brief return of the 90s inspired mocha lipstick (very unflattering in photos), heavy, dark eyes and lashes, and most recently- bronzer overload.

Right now, and a lot of this is coming off the runway and from magazine editorials, but the big trend is simply, health. Brides aren't going for the super-dark spray tans anymore, we're seeing a rise in women wanting to look like they're naturally glowing: the skin is dewy with peach, apricot or rose blush (depending on skin tone, of course), and the overall look is natural and clean.  I love this because it's timeless and, thankfully, more forgiving in photos, and it’s easy to inject a bit of personal style here, like say, a signature red lip, or eyeliner.

     Meryll, some people entering this year may not know that you were responsible for the Face2Face Makeup Awards for all   those years before I came along last year. How have you seen the awards evolve over the years and what can you see for it in           the future?

I was approached way back in 1999 to create a professional makeup competition for the Expo, so I am very proud and passionate about the competition. I think the best thing about it is that it showcases so much amazing talent.  After running it for 12 years it’s so pleasing to see new energy being put into the competition and to see it go from 3 to 5 different categories.  I think the competition helps professionals continue to raise the bar and challenge themselves, as well as gain experience, networking, and the ability to learn from others. This can only make the profession stronger.

I am interested to know what you think of the addition of the Beauty Editorial Category last year.

I think it's a wonderful addition to the competition; I had wanted to introduce it for some time, so I was really happy to see it on the stage and watch the competitors work. Editorial beauty is so important in terms of trend direction, fashion and consumer communication, and for a makeup artist it's where you can get really creative and let loose with all the fun stuff in your kit. 

What are you looking forward to seeing in the Beauty Editorial category this year?

I'm really looking forward to seeing some creative and beautiful looks up there, as well as the really fashion-driven ones. I also love hearing the "story" driving each look and how this interpreted on the stage, as this is a really important part of editorial work, so I'm looking forward to that element as well.

What will you are looking for from competitors this year in the Modern Bride Category?

Clean lines and makeup that looks flawless, and radiant. Well groomed eyebrows. Balanced lips.  Maybe an understated look or a pop of colour that defines a spring bride. Blending is my passion, so it has to be done to perfection.  I will also be watching techniques as the design unfolds. 

                                                        What advice do you have for competitors over all categories?

     Come prepared, play to your model's strengths as you would a real person, and be aware of all the criteria you're being judged       on. But most of all relax and have fun.


                                             Thanks Meryll for your words of wisdom!  So glad you are part of our judging panel x