I had a conversation with an entrant to the awards yesterday all about nerves and intention. She was nervous... Understandable. There was also something in the background of the conversation around her intention for the awards... Her intention was to win.... And she was making it mean so much and so much of her anxiety and nerves was coming from the place of being attache to winning. The question I posed to her was.... 'What if you don't win? What if your makeup is beautiful and yet someone else wins?' 

It was quite the confronting idea for her... Yet for 99% of entrants it will be what happens. 

I have had a lot of experience when dealing with nerves, anxiety... The works burger... And is something I will touch on hopefully tonight. I had to employ a coach to coach me on public speaking.... Because I realised if I want to do what I envisage for my career.... Nerves couldn't dictate what I could or couldn't do. I am now living proof you can conquer debilitating nerves and go and do those once scary things.... And most of the trick to it is changing the context for yourself.

i spoke about this to the entrant.... What if her context was getting to the other side knowing herself as someone who went in... Was calm, confident, focused and produced the best makeup she has ever done... Regardless of the result? Loose the attachment to winning and what do you get? A personal best. And isn't this why we put ourselves in these competition situations? To be our best right now?  

Winning shouldn't be the ultimate goal. Someone is going to win. You may not win. That does not for one minute mean you have failed in any way. I will talk about this later in a post. 

Who knows what the judges will be looking for? 

And who are they anyway? 

There are many reasons why we don't announce them to the 11th hour... And one reason is we don't want to add extra reasons to be nervous... Or even manipulate your entry to appeal to a certain judge. We want you to do what's in your heart and challenge yourself as an artist... This is your competition. 

So with no further adieu...   

May I present our judges lineup! 

2013 Face2Face Makeup Awards Judges

Our celebrity judge this year will be... 





Not only is Ella Hooper the Aria Award winning lead singer of Killing Heidi, an amazing presenter on tv and radio in which she recently won an ACRA Award for... Ella shares my excitement for makeup. When I spoke to Ella about the possibility of being a judge after last years Face2Face Makeup Awards... she was so excited about the possibility as she loves any projects that support Australia talent... we are all excited about having Ella in Sydney for the Awards.

Presenting the final judges lineup... 


Meryll Faulkner

David Cranson

Amelia Axton - Makeup Artist with Reload Agency

Byron Turnbull

Liz See


Ella Hooper

Courtney Meyer - Designer Miss Unkon

Nelson Lai - Managing Director of Miss Unkon and Fashion Photographer

Amelia Axton

Byron Turnbull


Adam Johansen - odd studio

Damian Martin - odd studio

Ella Hooper

Yvonne Savage - Please check out Yvonne's website to see how amazing she is!

www.savageheads.com... I think the American vogue cover with Yvonne's makeup for Nicole Kidman will start you getting excited.


Ashleigh Sharman - deputy editor of Professional Beauty

Thom Kerr - Australian Editor of Black Magazine and fashion photographer

Rhianne Schroder

Monica Griffin - director of Minx Bronzing and Miss M cosmetics

Georgina Urrutia - producer and agent at Reload Agency

Ella Hooper

Rosemary Hamilton - editor and founder of Heart Beauty Magazine

Amelia Axton

Byron Turnbull

Courtney Meyer

Nelson Lai

David Cranson

Meryll Faulkner

Liz See

Yvonne Savage

Adam Johansen

Damian  Martin

and last but definitely not least... 

Rae Morris. 


Thankyou in advance to our amazing judging panel. All judges give up their time to come and judge. They give up their time as they are committed to making a contribution to our industry and our artists.

Looking forward to tomorrow and Monday!,