face2face makeup awards Judge - Liz See

When considering who to ask to be a judge for the Face2Face Makeup Awards ... consideration must be given to making sure we have a broad range of skills, opinions and career focus on the panel. This ensures everyone entering has a variety of 'eyes' looking at their work... after all this is what happens out in the big wide world - Many opinions can collaborate to decide if you (fellow makeup artist) are the perfect artist for the job or not.

Today I can announce one of our amazing judge for our MODERN BRIDE, BEAUTY EDITORIAL and RUNWAY INSPIRED categories... with some extra exciting news. 

Liz See is the owner of  Get Threaded and is one of Australia's authorities on eyebrow threading. A passionate lady with strong brand values ( its worth reading Get Threaded's mission statement for some inspirational words ) and we know Liz is a valuable asset to our judging panel with her well trained eye and huge ability to contribute to other artists.

I spoke to Liz about what she does and what she will be looking for in the competition....

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Liz, tell us a little about what you do and how you got into it.

I am the owner of Get Threaded®, which is an exciting beauty franchise business leading the industry in the ancient art of threading and other 'as natural as possible' beauty treatments.

A holiday and a roll of cotton changed my life........

From the minute I first came across threading in the USA, I knew it was going to change the way women remove their facial hair and shape their eyebrows all over the world. I had had 17 years in hair and beauty- we waxed, we tweezed and I had never seen anything so bizarre or so fascinating. I knew that moment was going to change my life forever as the idea for Get Threaded was born.

Who is your favourite celebrity brow crush?

 I have a few! When I see a gorgeous set of brows, my heart pumps a little faster! These are just some of my favourites ...

Maria Menounos

- Why? Her soft angled/rounded shape softens the angles in her chin. Her alignment and balance are perfect.


Sienna Miller

 Why? Her brows are always finished and polished with her makeup looks. Her rounded brow softens the point of her chin and the colour 1-2 shaded darker than her light hair is perfect.


Angelia Jolie

Why? Her angled brow perfectly balances her square face shape. The angle shape draws your eyes to the focal point which is her eyes, instead of looking at her strong jawline.


One for the men :-)

(or we could argue one for the women Liz - B) 

Channing Tatum

Why? Always groomed, never shaped. He looks like a man!

channing tatum.jpg

What is the most common thing/trend your clients ask for?

 A lot of clients will say they like someone elses brows for a particular reason. We like to educate that trends come and go. Just like clothes, the latest trends in eyebrows don’t last and for most of us following the trend doesn't always work.

In my opinion, 'the trend’ for now ( and the future) is looking at your natural brow shape and accentuating or minimising the shape to suit 'you', taking into account your body structure, facial structure, hair type, eye and face shape.

We are all born with 'our best shape', it's just a matter of uncovering it!

Why do you recommend threading over plucking and waxing?

Our Get Threaded method of hair removal involves the traditional form of threading tweaked with our '3 Points of Wow™' to make it the most pleasant form of hair removal. It also includes minor tweezing to ensure perfect shape and all hair is removed each and every time.

I recommend threading over other forms of hair removal for many reasons;

It is a 100% natural hair removal method as no waxes or chemicals are applied to skin. This also means less adverse affects than other hair removal methods and will not burn, cause trauma or allergic reactions to the skin. The skin doesn't turn bright red as skin layers are not being removed and as there is little irritation to the area it is possible to go over the area more than once.

It is incredibly accurate! Hair can be removed individually or in 'lines' to create a perfect shape for the eyebrows. You cannot achieve this form of accuracy with wax as wax naturally spreads when applied. It picks up all the hair on the surface even really fine and short hair can also be removed. It is ideal for hormonal hair too!

Threading is a suitable alternative hair removal treatment for client’s that are using acne treatments or have been asked to avoid waxing as the technique does not damage the skin and only removes the unwanted hair.

Why do you think a brow expert is a great judge for the bridal category?

Eyebrows are so important as they are one feature of our faces that can actually change the way we look. Eyebrows if shaped correctly can enhance our features but if incorrectly shaped they can change the way we look entirely.

I always liken eyebrows to a picture without a frame. A picture with no frame or a bad frame may stand out (think of the picture as your eyes) but a beautiful and shaped frame can turn a picture into a masterpiece. Eyebrows on our faces are just the same- if shaped correctly they enhance the main feature on our face-our eyes.

Brows are super important for all brides and should be a number one priority when thinking about makeup and beauty treatments for the big day. It often surprises me that brides when planning their various hair removal appointments, forget that their brows are one part that every one will see!

In relation to the bridal category, if the brows are not shaped and finished for the look, it really lets the whole look of the makeup down. Having a brow expert as a judge, ensures that every aspect of the perfect bridal look is covered.

What is your interpretation of a “Modern Bride”?

My interpretation of a Modern Bride is one that views the trends and adapts for herself. She also plans the day of her dreams, remembering what the day is really about and does everything she can to bring out the best possible version of herself for the big day.

What would you like to see from everyone entering the Modern Bride Category?

I would like to see beautiful looks that suit the model, that people can look at and envisage a personalised version for themselves. This encompasses brows that have been shaped and finished according to the look.

What’s the biggest mistake you think makeup artists can make when it comes to brows?

The biggest mistakes makeup artists make when shaping brows is not shaping them according to the clients features. So many people try to have someone else's brow shape, when the most beautiful one is waiting to be found on their own face. Also, having the alignment and balance of the brows measured up correctly, according to their features, is crucial for a beautiful brow. 95% of my first time clients go into what I call, 'brow rehab' due to this. Usually it's the start of their brows that are misaligned, one or both too far apart and many clients also lose the ends of their brows and think they just don't grow there anymore. In 9 out of 10 cases, the hair returns once noted that this is missing and causing the brow to be unbalanced. This error comes down to not enough training in the beauty packages for brows.

How can Makeup Artists further their skills in brow shaping?

They should research for brow experts that they look up to and see if they offer training. If they don’t, you can always ask if they offer work experience so you can work alongside them and perfect your knowledge. Brow shaping is so much more than just hair removal as most brows need assistance in some way with brow products and expert knowledge In application of these are also needed.

Modern Bride prize courtesy of Get Threaded Top Ryde + Runway Inspired courtesy of Get Threaded Metcentre 

Modern Bride prize courtesy of Get Threaded Top Ryde + Runway Inspired courtesy of Get Threaded Metcentre 

Liz and Get Threaded Top Ryde and Get Threaded Metcentre have generously provided a prize for both the MODERN BRIDE and RUNWAY INSPIRED categories!

Both Brow Essentials Prize Packs include:

6 Months of Beautiful Brow Treatments (1 per month)

1 x Get Mineraled Brow Dust Cream Trio

1 x Get Mineraled Brow Dust 00

1 x Get Mineraled Brow Iluminator

1 x Get Mineraled Brow Gel

1 x Get Mineraled Brow Lover Brush

Get Threaded Brow Spoolies

Prizes are valued at $300


You can catch Liz See also in her LOOK AND LEARN session at the Expo


Presented by award winning trainer and Get Threaded founder, Liz See and her team, this look and learn workshop has been especially designed for the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo.

The two hour look and learn workshop includes:

  • An outline of threading and why your clients want this service
  • The four most asked questions in relation to threading
  • Demonstrations and explanation of all five threading techniques
  • Why eyebrow threading should be your preferred method of a hair removal
  • Live demonstrations of eyebrow and facial threading.
  • Question Time and ‘Experience Threading‘ for interested participants also


Thanks Liz! 

Look forward to seeing you at the Sydney International Beauty and Spa Expo!