It's one week until registrations close for the 2013 Face2Face Makeup Awards!  

One aspect of my job coordinating the awards is to create the judging panel for all categories and whilst this may seem simple... its an art in itself.

What makes a good Judge? 

In my opinion... it is someone who is a leader in their field, passionate, down to earth and most of all... someone who sees value in being a contribution to the very industry they work in by sharing knowledge and advice with other artists. They also need to be willing to do all this and give up their valuable time for the experience. 

Announcing judges is always done closer to the competition time for a couple for reasons... judges are always enthusiastic for the task... but in the rare case work comes up that they have to take... entrants can be dissapointed when who they were expecting aren't there. I also dont believe artists shouldn't enter because of the judges but because for the personal and creative challenge alone. 


The fact we have amazing judges is beside the point HA! 


So in saying that... I can announce TWO of our judges for the Film Fantasy category


You may or may not know their names.... however if you have seen any of the following films... you have seen their work.

You know you are an uber talented SPFX Makeup Artist when your credit list reads like this:

The Great Gatsby

The Cup



Where The Wild Things Are

Superman Returns

Ghost Rider

Star Wars Ep 3 Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars Ep 2 The Clone Wars


Farscape Television Series, seasons 1-4

The Oyster Farmer


The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Reloaded

Red Planet

Queen of the Damned

Babe Pig in the City.

Last year, Adam was one of our judging panel for the same category.... this year we are privileged and excited to have BOTH Adam and Damian.

I am sure you will agree with me... entering the Film Fantasy Category will sure have your work put before very creative and skilled eyes. 

I got to speak with Adam and Damian about what they have been up to since last year and what they will be looking for this in this years comp! 

First of all... tell us a bit about how ODD STUDIO came to life and what inspired you both get into the SPFX world?

ADAM - As a child, I was always obsessed with creatures, monsters & aliens etc and gravitated to films such as Star Wars, E.T., Gremlins, 7 Faces of Dr Lao, Labyrinth, Dark Crystal etc. I was always drawing and sculpting with my father as a child. After I left school, I was fortunate enough to land a job at a company that created animatronic characters and puppets for theme parks around the world. After working there for 5 years and honing my skills, I began working in the film industry on movies and television and it was on the fantastic t.v. series Farscape, where Damian and I met. We worked together for 4-5 years on Farscape and other projects like Star Wars Revenge of the Sith & Matrix before we decided to form our own company. Originally, there were 5 partners in Odd Studio which quickly changed to 3, and now 2. Damian and I both have always dreamt of running our own effects company and we pinch ourselves every day at how lucky we are to do this for a living. Having said that…there's no denying this industry is 'no walk in the park'!

Damian- I have also had a fascination with creatures, monsters and fantastical characters since childhood and growing up inspired by many of the the same fantastic films. When I was young I asked for nose putty, latex and grease paint for my birthdays and used it (with varying degrees of success) to make up friends and freak people out. During high school I decided that prosthetics and effects was what I wanted/ needed to do and scoured bookshops and behind the scenes videos for information (this was well before Google and YouTube…) when it came time for work experience I went to a college called Film Makeup Technology run by the wonderful Josie Knowland who was very encouraging and that cemented it. My parents were very encouraging but being very familiar with the entertainment industry insisted I finished high school before going to FMT as I would more than likely need a second career for the lean times! As Adam said above we regularly pinch ourselves and its amazing to think that Odd Studio turns 11 this year. 

**all images courtesy of odd studio** 

Star Wars Ep 2 & 3; US Features -  Maas Ameda 1

Star Wars Ep 2 & 3; US Features -  Maas Ameda 1

What have you been up to since last year’s Face2Face Makeup Awards?


 ADAM -  Wow, what a year! This past year (our 11th as Odd Studio) has been our busiest to date. We have and are still working on Mad Max 4 Fury Rd running the prosthetic dept. In addition to that, we have produced many characters for television and commercials. The past year we have created; a spider monkey-boy for an Indian commercial, 4 old age make ups for the BT commercials (each actor aged 5 times), and unhealthy make up for BUPA, a bike riding Sheep, a teenage sloth, 30 zombies for a Boost Mobile spot, a pregnant belly for a 13 yr girl for a short film, a mythical werewolf creature for a short film, a Louie the Fly model for Madame Tussaud's, an old age make up for a Nescafe commercial, an old age make up for the upcoming mini series on Frank Packer and a courier driving Chimp, a truck driving Ox and a bike riding Hyena for a Hyundai commercial. I think that's most of it..

DAMIAN -  I was in Namibia supervising prosthetics on Fury Road when the last awards where on which was an amazing experience. Obviously we can't talk about it much but I got to meet and work with some fantastic South African artists and I'm really proud of the work we did. Since coming back at the end of last year we have been flat out as you can see from Adam's list above!


Ageing Makeup for Nescafe 

Ageing Makeup for Nescafe 


Lately you have created some amazing characters for Hyundai… what was the brief that you were given to come up with these amazing characters? 

ADAM - Those animals were to be as realistic as possible and the director was very keen to get as much in-camera as possible. We were given 3 weeks to produce all 3 characters, we were VERY busy. 

THREE WEEKS???!!!! (my reaction as reenacted by pug)

THREE WEEKS???!!!! (my reaction as reenacted by pug)

DAMIAN - Yeah this was a crazy tight schedule with no room for error. We where fortunate to have a great crew and I'm really happy with what we made, and so was the client which is the best part!


Bike Riding Hyena for Hyundai

Bike Riding Hyena for Hyundai

Hyundai Chimp

Hyundai Chimp

courierdriving chimp.jpg
Driving Ox for Hyundai

Driving Ox for Hyundai

chimp by Odd Studio Mid Application...

chimp by Odd Studio Mid Application...

This year the FILM FANTASY theme is Hybrids… considering your recent work it's perfect you are coming on again to judge! Recently I saw you also created a ‘fish man’.. what was this project for?

Fishman by Adam

Fishman by Adam

ADAM - Actually that was my own personal project. I love aquatic monsters and creatures!

What do you both think of the brief this year? 

ADAM - I really love it!! It's a great opportunity for contestants to explore some really interesting characters.

DAMIAN - I think it's great also, there are clear outlines but so much room for creativity too.

my fistpump reaction as represented by a cartoon as I think the theme this year is pretty awesome too!

my fistpump reaction as represented by a cartoon as I think the theme this year is pretty awesome too!

If you were entering… what would be a character you would create within the time frame for the comp? 

ADAM -  Again, I'd probably lean towards an aquatic theme creature :)

DAMIAN - I think I'd do an updated version of Pigsy from Monkey Magic, I loved that show.

 B - Yes!! I  would be excited to see that!  For those who don't know Monkey Magic... if you were alive in the 80s... it was one of the reasons to watch tv! 


What is some advice for entrants in regards to creating an amazing creation within a short time frame.


ADAM - My advice is to try to keep both human AND animal anatomy and colouring as close as possible. Meaning, you should be able to know what animal has been split with the human…if that makes sense..?

DAMIAN - I agree with Adam, anatomy and finish are really important, everyone knows what animals and humans look like so skilfully combining the elements of both in a believable way is what will sell your creation.

What are you looking for from the entries this year? 

ADAM - Creativity and originality but just as important is a very sharp looking makeup. Bigger is not necessarily better. A well applied smaller prosthetic pieced make up may win over a massive, poorly applied make up.

DAMIAN - Consideration in design of what elements of the animal are most effective in creating the hybrid and good execution. I'Ll be looking for something I could believe exists in an alternate reality

An example of ODD STUDIOS hybrid type characters... SHEEPLE!!!

An example of ODD STUDIOS hybrid type characters... SHEEPLE!!!



Any other tips for artists entering this year? 

ADAM - Have fun with it, try to relax and enjoy the experience.

DAMIAN - Try and squeeze in a test makeup before the day if you can, it's a really good way to critique and refine your work before the day. And have fun!


We all can't wait to see what all those entering come up with this year! One week left to register your entry and the FILM FANTASY category is being held on MONDAY AUGUST 26. 


Thanks Damian and Adam! Looking forward to seeing you at the awards! 


View more of their amazing work on their website.