AHFA Makeup Artist of the Year 2011, ABIAs Makeup Artist of the year 2012, 2013 and all round makeup genius, Rachel Montgomery is joining the Face2Face Makeup Awards judging panel this year! The queen of colour's makeup images are instantly recognisable and I dont know many peoples pinterest free from one or many of her images for inspiration...

I am excited to have you on board as a judge for Fashion Catwalk, Modern Bride and Beauty Editorial... what have you been working on lately?

I went to the Maldives earlier this year which was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and as an artist completely inspiring. The colours that nature can produce leaves me lost for words. We were shooting the We Are Handsome campaign over there with Margo Bushueva and we stayed at the Ayada Resort which was heaven on earth, amazing. This set the tone for an amazing year. Recently I've been doing a lot of fashion advertising and a fair bit of travel. Shooting with We Are Handsome at the Barrier Reef for the 'save the reef ' campaign was a highlight.

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This year I was lucky enough to work with you on the Tara Moss book cover for 'A Fictional Woman'... it was such a great day... I was nervous to paint text text over your beautiful makeup. What advice would you like to give to any artist who is just about to work with their first high profile client?

Be humble and just remember that they have hundreds of people touching them on any given week.. so bring your good energy to the table. Having said that, remember they are human beings first and foremost so treat them with respect. Just because you have done their makeup once doesn't mean you are their best friend... They need to trust you aren't going to leave and contribute to any gossip column.

This years Fashion Catwalk is all about predicting trends for a favourite designer... what will you be looking for from this years artists?

Good. Makeup. Application. I really hate when things are really rushed and badly done. The final result should look like the makeup and the model are one... like they were meant for each other. No matter how on trend the look is... if its badly done... its badly done. No one can rely on photoshop here.

What advice do you want to give all entrants across board this year?

Golden Rule - It's only makeup! You can take it off if you make a mistake and get used to taking it off... some of my best work has been born from mistakes.