Joining the judging panel for the Face2Face Makeup Awards this year is Sigourney Cantelo. Such a pleasure to have such a well trained eye on board our Fashion Catwalk category!

I am really excited to have you as a guest judge for the Face2Face Makeup Awards this year! I like our competitors to expose themselves to their peers as well as amazing industry professionals such as yourself... how long have you been a beauty journalist for?

I've been a beauty journalist for 12 years. I've worked everywhere from TV Week magazine where I used to interview the makeup artists on Home & Away, to Vogue where I was beauty and health director for the last six years and was lucky enough to interview some of the top makeup artists in the world including Pat McGrath, Peter Phillips, Aaron de May and Gucci Westman. I recently left Vogue to focus on my beauty website, Beauticate and I’m loving being immersed in the digital world.


 Congratulations on Beauticate… for those who are yet to visit, how would you describe the site?

It’s all about the Whos and How-tos of beauty. The Whos are a voyeuristic look into the beauty cabinets and makeup bags of some of Australia’s most inspiring women from models to makeup artists, hairstylists to TV hosts. The How-tos are sleek and instructional video beauty tutorials, animated GIFs  and written posts that help women to ‘educate’ their beauty routine (hence the name Beauticate).


How long has Beauticate been around and what inspired you to start it up?

I launched in February this year. I saw a gap in the market for a really clean, sophisticated and stylish beauty website that was easy to navigate and full of useful information. I wanted to create a site that was both aesthetically appealing, with glossy, magazine –style shoots as well as really clever instructional how-tos. Throughout my years working in the industry I've met some pretty amazing women and love hearing them talk about their beauty routines. Beauty is so universal (women become so impassioned when they find something that works!) so it made sense to profile these women and see them in their own creative spaces.


 What trends outside what we are being told are ‘trends’ are you noticing from the women you have been speaking to?

Everything from the super girly uber-tanned beauty style of Youtube vlogger Lauren Curtis  to all-out androgynous beauty like Ruby Rose  ( and everything in between. Then there are really cool beauty trends like closing your eyes around your eyeliner pencil like Kate Peck does, Cleansing with coconut oil like fashion blogger, Margaret Zhang and wearing men’s fragrances like Rae Morris.

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Have there been any products that continue to appear as staples in women’s beauty cases?

So many. Everyone seems to have – and rave about - the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer, Bioderma Crealine and The Clarisonic.


Do you think runway trends actually influence how an everyday woman wears her makeup?

I think it has a trickle down effect. What you see on the catwalk is rarely copied verbatim in real life. I think trends come from a great mélange of influences: magazine editorials, designer’s campaigns and runway shows all dictate the trends as much as musicians and celebrities, and even street style images and bloggers now. Everyone is inspired by each other and gradually trends begin to emerge. The beauty brands have to try and stay ahead of the curve with these things as they need to produce and market products in time for people to still want them – so they work closely with the designers and makeup directors on the shows and they often time their collections to coincide with a key makeup look – Chanel and Dior are masters at this. The makeup brands often translate the trend so women at home feel more comfortable with the look – they’ll make the eyeshadow a little more sheer or the shades a bit more muted- so they’re easily digestible.


 How important do you think a makeup design is to the overall look of a runway show?

Hugely important. Makeup can emphasize (and sometimes deliberately contradict) the fashion, or it can be done so subtly that it barely registers in the viewer except for making the girls look beautiful. It’s up to the designer and the makeup artist to collaborate and work out how much they want the makeup to speak.


This year’s Runway Inspired Category is all about predicting a new trend in makeup for an existing designer… what advice would you have for the makeup artists entering this category?

Look at the designers’ past shows and see if there is a trend emerging with their makeup. Try and anticipate their next move. And don’t play it too safe. Some designers, like Versace and Calvin Klein have a very predictable beauty look so maybe look for someone who is known to be creative and change it up.


What will you be looking for in the artist’s work?

Something that is creative and innovative without being too scary. I appreciate a sense of adventure but at the same time I like makeup to be a celebration of beauty and for the models to look gorgeous. I love the way Peter Phillips and Pat McGrath always do something surprising yet the girls always look beautiful.


What traits do you think are essential for a makeup artist?

Creativity, precision, patience and perfectionism. A sense of humour also helps - to deal with all the egos on shoots - and compassion to look after the often very young and very cold models!


Any final advice for those entering?

Have fun with it!


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