Odd Studio is a world-renowned company at the forefront of prosthetic make up, creature effects, animatronic characters, special effects, props and models. Both partners, Damian Martin and Adam Johansen have over 20 years of industry experience on a diverse range of projects, helping realize and give life to ideas and creative visions. Their dedication to the art, practical approach and extended family of talented crew continue to keep the company in high demand for in camera effects. 

We are lucky enough to again have Damian and Adam as judges for the Film Fantasy category at the Face2Face Makeup Awards. The lucky winner is going to enjoy a days work experience  with the Odd Boys which you would agree... for any emerging SPFX artist will be invaluable.

Last week myself and photographer Amelia J Dowd went to their studio in St Peters and spent some time with Adam and Damian... it was hard to concentrate for all the creative eye candy, boxes of boils, scabs and amazing completed characters. Somehow we were able to concentrate long enough to take some shots and speak with the Odd boys...

Adam mid sculpt of a nose piece for a VW commercial to be shot the following weekend...

Adam mid sculpt of a nose piece for a VW commercial to be shot the following weekend...

What have you been up to over the past 12 months?

The past 12 months have been huge for us. We wrapped on Fury Rd, Mad Max which we ran the prosthetics on for nearly 2 years finishing pick ups in December. Damian headed up the dept in Namibia and Cape Town for 7 months. We’ve also just wrapped on Alex Proyas’s latest film, God’s Of Egypt which we also headed the prosthetics dept for. Lesley Vanderwalt was head of hair and make up on both of those films.

In addition to that, we worked on a locally produced Sci-Fi feature film called Terminus which we’re pretty excited about too. Throw in a couple of big music videos from 2 huge acts and a bunch of commercials and it explains why we’re a bit knackered.

Joking aside, we’re very grateful for all the recent projects we have landed and are grateful for our wonderful crew too.

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Emily James who has been at Odd Stufio for 3 years.. working on a decapitated head made from silicone for a project with Vetus

Emily James who has been at Odd Stufio for 3 years.. working on a decapitated head made from silicone for a project with Vetus

This is the third year judging for Film Fantasy Adam and the second year for Damian... over the years I have enjoyed following your work... I can't wait to see the results of the past 12 months! During the past 12 months we also saw the passing of MUA legend Dick Smith. It was a sad day for myself as his work was an inspiration for me to push my own boundaries in my work... I am interested to hear about how Dick Smith influenced both of your careers?

Dick Smith’s contribution to make up effects is immeasurable and in my opinion (Adam) hard to articulate. He was the greatest make up artist of all time and famously giving with his techniques, which isn’t always the case.  He was a wonderful person and a real ‘no-nonsense’ artist too. His ageing make ups will forever be the bench mark for me. He has not only affected Damian and myself,  but anyone that has ever followed a career in Make up and prosthetics.

(Damian) I found Dick Smiths Do it yourself monster monster makeup handbook in a comic store when I was a young teenager and it really fanned the flames of my interest in makeup effects. I can only imagine how many people that book and the earlier kits inspired. 


What advice would you give to any aspiring spfx makeup artist in the industry today?

Just get ‘doing’! If you’re doing a course, do more than you need to. Sculpt, mould apply things in your own time, work out of your garage or bedroom if need be. Throw yourself into it 110% because any less isn’t good enough in this very tough industry of ours.

(D) There's an incredible amount of inspiration and information out there and materials are readily available. If you’re not taking advantage of this and giving it a go I’m less inclined to believe that this is your passion. 


What will you both be looking for in this years Film Fantasy Category spfx and non spfx?

 I’ll (Adam) be looking for originality and creativity. Something that’s both bold and refined will get my vote.

(D) a strong idea that’s well executed is always good to see and I really like it when a character or design is fully thought through and resolved.

Thanks guys... can't wait for Sunday!

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