IMAE Indonesia this weekend!

Just as Sydney is recovering from IMATS... Jakarta is gearing up for their very first makeup trade show. EVER! IMAE will be held at Kartika Expo Balai Kartini Dec 2-4 and I am looking forward to travelling over to be a guest speaker both as a Makeup demo on stage and a private mini bootcamp class for the first time overseas!

On Saturday I will be on stage at 3-4, I will be talking about the creative process behind beauty editorial - I will be taking the visiting makeup artists through the creative process behind a beauty editorial for print. From concept, to mood boards to makeup application, get an insight into the world of creative beauty editorial. 

For the first time I will be sharing the original mood board I also created for my book We The Painted as well as a mood board I created for an upcoming shoot in Issue 6 of LAUD Magazine. So fresh we only just shot it! I will also be recreating one of the covers of LAUD Magazine. Hope I can fit it all into an hour!

On Sunday I have a private class called 'Building a Makeup Artist' which is essentially a mini MUA Bootcamp and portfolio building class. We will talk all things about building strong fundamentals as a makeup artist for longevity, confidence and creativity. I am excited to bring this to Indonesia and also each artist will receive my book Makeup Artist Bootcamp... this class is essential for any artist who wants direction, focus and demystifying certain aspects of being a working makeup artist.

Can't wait!

As this is the first makeup in Indonesia... I wanted to spend a bit of time with Dian Zahara Sudradjat and find a bit more out about the expo.

What inspired you to create the first Makeup Tradeshow in Jakarta? 

The real inspiration came after a life defining moment 2 years ago. I got to know makeup and basically got through a tough time because of it. Then I learned more and more and realized that there is a large community of makeup enthusiasts in Indonesia apart from Professional Makeup Artists. 

Social Media has of course played a huge role to introduce the trend of makeup and its essentials. Everything was easily accessed online from watching to purchasing. By creating the first Makeup Trade show, I want to create the opportunity for all makeup enthusiasts to have different experience with what they love. They can meet and watch their idols live, build network, get proper information on makeup education, learning about new products, current trends, techniques and the different categories of makeup directly from the expert. 

What are you looking forward to the most? 

I am looking forward to see happy faces at the first IMAE. I have received so many inquiries about the event. Many of them said "It's finally here!" :)

(I'm looking forward to that part too!) 

How do you think the Indonesian industry differs from the Australian market? 

Other than vegan and cruelty free makeup, many local cosmetic brands is now adopting the "Halal" certified principal. Halal refers to what is lawful in Islam (Moslem). Indonesia has a large population of Moslem, and its proven that this Halal approach is doing very well in Indonesia.

International brand will always be one of the favourite, but unlike in Australia, not all brands are available here. 

Are there any cultural notes I need to be aware of that is prevalent over there as opposed to Sydney? 

Definitely no nudity and some women in Indonesia don't like to have their eye brow trimmed due to religion aspect. 

What do you see for the future of IMAE? 

I see IMAE as a platform for makeup industry and the community. The challenge we have this year is convincing some brands to be under one event with their competitors. I hope next year there will be more and more brands coming to support us.

I can't wait to be part of IMAE!


1-Day Ticket IDR 50.000,-

3- Days Pass Ticket IDR 100.000,-

Opening Hours: 10.00am - 9.00pm

Becca Gilmartin x