An open letter to Makeup Students...

This morning I sent a letter to a local makeup school. For the purposes of my blog I have changed the wording so you dont know which school specifically... because at the end of the day... it doesn't matter. They are a great school and produce lovely artists.

I wrote this letter as myself and other makeup artists I know have spoken about this phenomenon. The phenomenon of people writing to you saying how much they love and admire you... want to work with you... yet have actually no idea who you are and what you do.  They have either contacted you based on reputation or a google search. As explained in the letter, the lack of research and understanding of who the artist is being written to results in the generic email occurring as a spam email. 

I have decided to share the letter below as I think it might make a difference to other students from other schools too. I have an education background so hope this also backs up what fellow trainers may have already been saying in class. Adding to that letter I would like to also include:

Student Makeup Artists,

We, the working makeup artists, want you to be awesome. We want a talented industry full of good people so we can all have a good time.  We want good assistants and awesome colleagues and more of us want to be a contribution to you than you realise. Just because you are a 'student' doesn't mean your career hasn't already started. Please be great now. Listen to your trainers. They know stuff. They will tell you more too if you ask. Please take some time to do all your homework thoroughly and with integrity... it will make all the difference to the success of your upcoming career.


Makeup Artists.