It's four more sleeps until an impossibility is made possible... at the Beauty Expo in Glebe I will be launching my books We the Painted + Makeup Artist Bootcamp - Book one + Makeup Artist Bootcamp WORKBOOK.

For those who don't know the story... last year I was a few days from going to print and the rug was pulled from under my feet - the project flipped on it's head. I went from about to go to print to all of sudden, publishing turned into an impossible situation.

Fast forward to today... and I am releasing not only the original two books... but a WORKBOOK and Limited Edition Hardcover with signed print included (200 only). The hardcover wont be available at the expo but will be ready in a few weeks time. I am beyond excited.

During the past 12 months... I have had to sit back and re-evaluate if the effort it was going to take to start from scratch would be in proportion to the value this project was going to add to the industry. It didn't take long to get my answer with so many artists coming back to me after doing a LIVE Makeup Artist Bootcamp telling me the difference it made to their career. If I didn't complete this project... I would be limiting the space for more of this to happen. 

During my time as owner of one of Australia’s most visited makeup stores, we have had a plethora of customers in the last 8 years interact with myself and my staff. Throughout these years we’ve watched educators within the makeup industry come and go. Training continues to be undertaken by both new artists and industry relevant working artists that attend multiple workshops and training events. They are either first timers or continual attendees to different classes who hope to further try improve their skill set. Over time we continued to hear standout praise about one particular educator, Becca Gilmartin. With so many customers and so many workshops and training events you do of course hear feedback that can sometimes be met with disappointment or dissatisfaction from what they felt they received or learned from some classes and courses. But not with Becca’s classes. I can without bias, fear nor favour, attest to putting in writing that the continual feedback is not only extremely positive, but game changing. I’ve met customers that have cried when retelling us how much Becca’s classes have changed them for the better. The proof is in the pudding with watching how these artists have implanted their training to go from strength to strength. I would never ever hesitate in advising our industry customers, colleagues and friends to sign up for Becca’s next class STAT! I would be completely remiss to not practice what I’m preaching so I’m the first one signed up for her next class!
— Rachael Parnell, Makeup and Glow

Makeup Artist Bootcamp isn't a body art course. It's a course with a built in mentor, career building exercises and practical activities for advanced brush skills. There is no course like this and it has evolved into something special. So when things went pear shaped... I knew it would be ludicrous if I didn't keep going. There is always a way... there is always a yes out there somewhere you just keep going until you find it.

Makeup Artist Bootcamp Book One is suitable for any artist at any stage in a career. Even other creatives will benefit from this work. Do the book version in your own time or the LIVE version with me.

Makeup Artist Bootcamp WORKBOOK is the accompanying book to complete your exercises in which also has 12 months of exercises within the pages.

We the Painted is my first body art collection... this coffee table book is also the exercises from MUA Bootcamp on a larger scale. No photoshop has been done in these images so you can see every brush stroke, every error, every detail. This is a beautiful visual accompaniment to MUA Bootcamp. They were originally one book... however I split them knowing MUA Bootcamp might get dirty during the exercises. The coffee table book is a 12" x 12" visual story about unconditional love... and will eventually be exhibited. 

Books are available individually or as a trio on and OR save postage and come to the LAUD stand at Beauty Expo Australia

Yesterday... I was finally able to email all the pre-sale purchasers of the books (some have been waiting since April 2015) to reveal some details about what the delay has actually been. There is still so much that I am unable to share at this stage... but I felt sharing the story was an important part of the process. One, to be as transparent as possible... and two, to use the experience as another living example of the philosophies and exercises in MUA Bootcamp WORKING.

I'd like to share with you what I emailed yesterday... 

It’s finally the time I can explain why you haven’t as yet received We the Painted and/or Makeup Artist Bootcamp – Book One. I have been in pre-sale since April 2015 and THIS WEEKEND I will be launching the books at the Beauty Expo in Sydney. I recognise that is a very long time to wait and I thank you for your patience and support. As I write the ink is drying and spines resting with glue, and soon I will be able to hold a project that almost didn’t happen.

This weekend, for the first time, I will have Makeup Artist Bootcamp – Book One with the accompanying Workbook (a new addition to the collection) as well as We the Painted (soft cover) available at Beauty Expo. It’s a major milestone!
If you have pre-purchased We the Painted, you will be receiving a limited edition hard cover version, which also includes a limited edition signed print. I am still waiting for my hard covers to arrive from America so there will be a couple more weeks to wait. I will only be printing two hundred, 200 and I will contact you again once I know the exact date of delivery.

I feel it’s important to now share what I can about the delay, as Makeup Artist Bootcamp is all about empowering Makeup Artists in artistry as well as career, and taking actions towards milestones regardless of what roadblocks occur on the journey. In business you normally keep these stories to yourself as all clients usually care about is the final product. I have been inspired, however, by Daniel Flynn from Thankyou in his sharing of the story of his company, and because of the content of MUA Bootcamp the story is highly relevant.

My roadblocks were beyond comprehension, and I want to share a little with you as the books are a living testament of MUA Bootcamp working on every level.

2015 was very exciting for me. I had signed a contract with a publisher and we were on track to launch the books I had been working on for two years at IMATS in November. You may have heard that publishing a book comes with a lot of challenges, and I was dancing with the chaos well. There were a few red flags appearing but nothing of great concern, and myself and my investor carried on business as usual.

Three weeks before my print deadline I started seeing design layouts of the books. The publisher had travelled to Queensland to work on We the Painted, and I travelled to Sydney to help edit MUA Bootcamp. It was during this time things started to unravel.

The text edits were coming back with poor language, and incomplete editing. So late in the publishing process this meant I had to cancel freelance jobs to sit and re edit the work. There were missed meetings, and increasing communication breakdowns.

Three days before we were due to go to print, the final print budget was forwarded, and was substantially beyond initial projections. The bill was an amount that neither myself nor my investor had planned or could fund. 
You can imagine the moment the blood left my face. 

On the day we were supposed to go to print to be ready for IMATS we were faced with a mountain of editing work to complete, and an empty bank account, and the challenge of having to coordinate new publishing options, and fast.
Come IMATS we had paid thousands of dollars for a stand and had no books to sell. All I could do was show a preview of the books on a screen. I knew the books would be published but at that moment I still didn’t know how or when. We were still looking at alternative printers.

The fallout left me out of pocket, and exhausted all my reserves of goodwill. After five month trying to work out a solution with the original publisher, I realised I had two choices:

1 – Return everyone’s money, wrap up the project and find a way to pay back my investor.
2 – Spend the next few months starting from scratch and picking up the tools myself.

MUA Bootcamp focuses on setting milestones, and taking actions until each milestone is realised. It’s also about having a belief in yourself, and the courage to start stepping outside your comfort zone to find something truly valuable. 

During this time I was also inspired by the stories that came back to me from those who had done a live MUA Bootcamp, and the difference this education was having on their Makeup Artists careers.

I knew what I had to do. This was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate, once again, the work works! Picking up the challenge, I started the journey of learning the three computer programmes I needed to redesign the books and got started.

I balanced a freelance career and my new role at Laud Magazine with teaching myself graphic design to create the books from scratch. Over the next few months I worked harder than I have ever worked before doing what it took to get the books to a print ready stage.

In that time, myself and my investor found an amazing printer who heard the story and jumped at the chance to help. The fact I was now able to print in Australia with a printer who cares for the environment also pleased me!

I can proudly say, that I have worked tirelessly to design the books all over again, and am genuinely thrilled with the end results. 

I now see this whole situation as an amazing blessing in disguise.

This weekend at the Beauty Expo I will have three books into which I have poured my heart and soul. The content looks and reads exactly how I originally intended it to and, thanks to an amazing pool of industry friends, has been professionally copy edited to end up exactly what I envisioned, and more.

I am publishing my books under the Green Brush Project umbrella, and you will receive books of which I am extremely proud. They are a quality project with their integrity maintained.

I have had to use the philosophies and techniques from MUA Bootcamp to realise this project, and in turn once again prove their worth. It might seem perverse, but there so much good can come from a difficult situation, and now that I can do my own designing my opportunities seem endless. I have already started book two.  The books you have purchased are 100% my own blood, sweat, and tears down to the last comma, full stop and eradication of hyphens on the edge of a paragraph. I have had the support of an amazing investor and printer, and this weekend is a momentous celebration of a milestone realised. 
Your patience and support has meant the world to me through this testing time. and I can’t wait for you to have the books in your hands. If you have purchased MUA Bootcamp alone, I will be mailing this out after the Expo, while those who have purchased the book duo or just We the Painted will need to wait just a little while longer. I have also decided to publish We the Painted as a soft cover version which will be at the expo.

I am beyond proud and excited.

This isn’t a ‘think positive’ book. This is a book about learning to believe in yourself and your art, and I had to do both all over again this year. I hope by reading this email alone that you are encouraged to take actions in your own career where you may have felt overwhelmed.

There is always a way. There is always a yes after a lot of no’s.

If you are at the Beauty Expo Australia this weekend... Not only am I running the Face2Face Awards... I will be on stage both days to talk about the philosophies of the book and completing one of the exercises with the audience. The books will be available for the first time on the LAUD Magazine stand and I will be on the stand at certain times to answer any questions you may have! (And you also save on postage!)

SATURDAY 20 August:

1.30-2.00 pm - Makeup HUB stage - 30 mins with Makeup Artist Bootcamp
2.30 - 3.00pm - I will be on the LAUD Magazine stand. Come say hello!

SUNDAY 21 August

11.30 - 12.00 noon - Makeup HUB stage - 30 mins with Makeup Artist Bootcamp
12.30 - 1.00 pm - I will be on the LAUD Magazine stand. Come say Hi!

At Beauty Expo Australia you will be able to see the books for the first time, grab your LAUD magazine subscription ( the whole team will be there!) even book yourself into an upcoming LIVE Makeup Artist Bootcamp!

Featuring image from 'We the Painted' - "to love anew" - photography Chris Fatseas

Featuring image from 'We the Painted' - "to love anew" - photography Chris Fatseas

I will be released a sneek peek of more artworks from We the Painted over the next few days on instagram... @beccagilmartin

See you at the expo!