When Clients Forget You...

We've all been there...

And if you haven't... you will. It's coming. Credits left out... name spelt wrong... no tag... no love... even another artist being tagged for your work. This happened to me today.

Today, however, the wrong tag provided me with many giggles.

In 2016 I travelled to Melbourne and did a stop motion animation for Slurpee using body art. Now, anyone who knows animation knows that 24 frames = 1 second... so when I got the call to do a 30 second animation in one day you can only imagine after doing the math I was left scratching my head.

When I arrived in Melbourne... I realised my airbrush system had European plugs (GAH!) and thanks to a long transit was destined for only a few hours sleep. What worked in my favour was the fact that I have Clay-mation training and a steady hand... once we ironed out the kinks the actual day ran smoothly, it was enjoyable, a great team of people and much fun was had. (Thanks also goes to my assistant Emily Moran xx)

I was grateful for my Kryolan Nebula System as it allowed me to be portable and didn't clog (Thank goodness! *secretly obsessed with this system now) and having an understanding of how animations are made and edited... we made it through the day. 

Today I decided to follow up with the producer, Olga, about seeing the clip. Apparently it had been released in Dec and I missed it. Oh well... it didn't break the internet but I jumped on the FB page to have a look. Super fun and fruity... it is a sweet clip (will put the link below).

When I scrolled through the comments and started really enjoying Slurpee's responses to comments... I noticed something that wasn't right.

Someone else had been credited for my work!

Now... before you get outraged as the larger font would have you believe you should be feeling... people make mistakes and sometimes we just have to laugh. I am sure the witty keyboard warrior for Slurpee wouldn't even been at the shoot... and when they leaned over to their colleague in their open plan creative work space... they assumed it was Olga as not only has she done body art before, is familiar with the agency... but was also the producer responsible for booking me. Seems legit?

I got so much enjoyment out of today... not only did I enjoy the bright-pop-diddy that the clip turned out to be... but the trail of comments led me to comedy gold. And some serious top knot burn.

I'd like to see Brougham do all that freehand in record time. Thanks Nola!

I'd like to see Brougham do all that freehand in record time. Thanks Nola!

#whenproducerspanic  ha ha ha I heart you Olga!

#whenproducerspanic  ha ha ha I heart you Olga!