It's about time I bought the Makeup Artist Bootcamp flier into 2017! 

I spent the most part of 2016 designing all three books... and it was time to bring the live MUA Bootcamp brochure up to speed! Just in time for my 2017 tour... I am excited to bring this course to more Artists!

Included in the brochure is an excerpt from the book version of MUA Bootcamp where I interviewed previous Bootcampers ... I love the experience of seeing into other artists worlds and finding out what they have to do to make their own artistic dreams realised.

For those who are wondering... the HARDCOVERS are so close to being done I can't contain myself. This has been such a long process that wasn't anticipated... but we are almost ready to send out the pre-ordered Hard Cover Limited Edition 'We the Painted'. The delays have been constantly uprisings and mind blowing... but with only 60 hardcovers going into production that will be numbered, signed the only ones in existence... I can't wait to have them done! I am sure you are the same!

For those who haven't pre ordered your copy... there has been a price rise due to production costs. As much as I would love to give these away... I also need to cover costs.

I am confident it will be worth it!

Hopefully I will see you at either my upcoming MUA Bootcamp or Look and Learn Masterclass!


Becca xx