KISS KISS for a cause x
Only $25 and all proceeds going to Kiss Goodbye to MS xx

Only $25 and all proceeds going to Kiss Goodbye to MS xx

When all you can do is sit by and watch your friends experience this horrible disease... knowing there is no pill, injection, even transplant that exists to cure MS... It's easy to get really angry at the world. It's a heart breaking asshole of a disease.... but those at KISS GOODBYE TO MS spend their days working on it. I knew I wanted to do something ... anything ... to make some sort of positive difference (instead of just going to the hospital with copious amounts of snacks to pass the time with them)

A few months ago I spoke with the gorgeous Tara at Pout Cosmetics over coffee (might have been wine) and suggested we should collaborate on a colour the raises money for MS research. It was a simple as that. Tara went to work and made this happen... and now we have a goal to reach $5K (or more) for MS Research!!


 "A striking, bold and powerful red lipstick that epitomises the formidable might that exists inside every person who is touched by MS." 

I have been wearing my sample colour for a few weeks now and I find it creamy, semi matte yet not drying... and one of those colours that get the comments!


I can't wait for you to try it.

I love it so much I used it in my latest beauty shoot in LAUD MAGAZINE Issue 5 which is out now!

Photography - Katriena Emmanuel + Model - Abbie Clarke @ Busy Models

My friend Catherine and I toiled over the name for ages on FB. FUMS (fuck you MS) was our favourite for ages but clearly not appropriate. Kiss Kiss was what Catherine said she signs off her emails all the time.


So... KISS KISS your way to an amazing cause!