Afterglow – Behind the Scenes…

“The ethereal mystique of the locomoting Cnidaria”

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You can imagine how fun this was to work on…. and the anticipation for the day was amazing whilst watching Iggy create these wigs for the week prior. Below are some fun behind the scenes pics…

Hair: Iggy using Kevin.Murphy

Photography: Thom Kerr
Beauty and Body art: Becca Gilmartin using Kryolan
Stylist:Lindsay Rose
Accessories: Chelsea De Luca with a special thanks to Elysee Publicity
Model: Rhianna Porter at Chic Models

Shot at Studio 501

This image from my Instagram possibly makes sense now… in the background Thom, Iggy and Lindsay are positioning the lit wig in place to our glitter encrusted model, Rhianna Porter from Chic. It was all kinds of crazy in those moments of anticipation wondering if all that we imagined might transfer into a striking image…

A shot I took to see how the glitter was reading on camera before I tidied up the edges etc. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing working with Rhianna Porter was! The patience and joy for what we were doing definitely outweighed the reality of having a face covered in tiny plastic discs.

The moment I realised why my social media was going crazy… FINALIST for ABIAs Makeup Artist of the Year… YEW!

That face….

Thom, Rhianna and I doing… umm.. not sure.

And after all the crazy I was left wondering…. how on earth did Iggy escape having his photo taken?