Beautiful You Australia

Late last year I was invited to work with Beautiful You Australia to help create the campaign for their upcoming event in Melbourne.

ANY project that looks at our own definition of beauty I, of course, would stand up to be involved in. Even in the process of viewing this video I was confronted with how different I looked then to now (have lost a considerable amount of weight) The conversation around ‘beauty and power’ is something I am fascinated with. The default setting in my thinking easily goes to the negative thoughts around my appearance… yet I am fully aware that beauty,confidence and power is an inside job.

On a daily basis I am reminding myself that I am whole, complete and perfect just the way I am. Not in a hippie tree hugging way… yet in a matter of fact way. I choose THAT truth. I dont want to spend much of my life proving otherwise… because who says so? No one is telling me there is anything wrong with me except myself… so I am consciously choosing to put my energy into a more enjoyable truth. I am also aware that this is active thinking… and sometimes it is hard to choose those thoughts when my brain is also trying to find evidence in any moment to prove otherwise. The default setting of thinking measures myself up to every other human being around me… and how disempowering is that? I am not anyone else but myself. I only really do great things when I feel confident and no one can create that for me but myself. I like to think I have done enough soul searching and experienced enough of life to know who I am and be proud of that… yet its so easy to buy into a false sense of uncertainty. And it is exactly that… false. I have witnessed models get down on themselves for comparing themselves to other models… completely missing the point that they, uniquely, are insanely beautiful. I have also witnessed a client, whom was so overweight I basically had to lie on her to reach her face for makeup as she sat in the chair… completely own who she was as a woman and be one of the most photogenic people I have met. Beauty really is an inside job and has no correlation to your looks. This I believe to be true.

To be involved with a project that opens the door of self exploration, challenges default ways of thinking and also attempts to empower women in what they need to realise they are whole, complete and perfect right now is an honour. Let alone under one roof top a village of resources catered to every area of feeling beautiful. After all… if we all felt good about ourselves wouldn’t the planet be a much nicer place to live?

I can’t wait for this event!

B x