Face2Face Makeup Awards 2014

My inbox is filling up with inquiries on how to enter the 2014 Face2Face Makeup Awards. Understandably people are getting eager to get the ball rolling on their entries! Judging from last year places will be going very fast….

For those people wondering…I am the Creative Director not the administrator… which means I design the themes, organise judges/prizes and present the 2 days onstage… I dont have anything to do with the copious amounts of administration work that is done by the awesome guys at the Expo offices. Right now… the themes are with the administrational team and are due for the release early June… the exact date I am yet unsure. There is a bit of back end work to be checked and double checked… then checked again. The website will be the first place to find out when entries open… and apologies if I dont get back to everyone who emails me about entry open dates.

I hope this clears things up for those who have contacted me!

I am the person who you contact about creative questions even the odd queries on rules and regulations… administration and logistics goes to Elli Julia… if you aren’t sure… shoot us both the same email.

Find all the details on this page:

click on this image to be linked to the Face2Face Makeup Awards page …

Before I left for the States… I spoke at Salon Melbourne about how to ‘Create That Cover’… this was aimed at artists considering entering the Face2Face Makeup Awards

For those who were there… I promised to publish the presentation on my blog as notes…

So here  are the slides and condensed version of the presentation for those who could not be there… my tips for creating a cover worthy makeup shoot! Hopefully will clear some nervousness up around entering the awards…

One of the most common questions is about ‘where the hell to start?!’… its not a competition to see how many skills you can fit into one look… you should tastefully decide on whats best for the face you are working on… the theme.. and an overall appealing image.

Dont be disspointed if you choose a photographer who works mainly in natural light and your studio shots come back not what you were expecting… same goes for your model… dont select a model with finer lips and be dissapointed if the black ombre lip doesn’t seem to work. Do your research and work to everyone’s strength.

This part seemed to resonate with the crowd… I was speaking about taking up leadership in your shoot. We get so used to being one of the team and being in a collaborative situation… and this is bliss when you are with a great team of creatives however… you need to take on the leadership of the shoot if you have a specific end result in mind for your entry… This image was a result of me doing that very thing… I put together for Nelson (Photographer) a mood board with my makeup ideas.. lighting ideas… mood etc and made sure that everyone understood what I was going for… I have seen makeup artists let other creatives take over on the day and the result is usually a secretly disappointed artist who didn’t realise their vision… of course this is not always the case! However… I felt this was an important point to make in this presentation. When creating for your entry… keep your end goal in mind… of course be flexible to creativity on the day if it calls for it… but don’t get walked over so other creatives can achieve their visions that may not be in line with what you want to create… this is your entry so its important you get what you want. You are the client in this case.

In other words… dont get your knickers in a knot about the significance of the shoot… relax… do everything the best you know how. Stress and significance can kill creativity.

These were the winning shots from last years Face2Face Makeup Awards… I invited Jess up on stage to talk about where she got her inspiration from amongst other things… one of the great things Jess mentioned was she really researched the current trends to ensure what she delivered was relevant to today’s market.

I can’t yet reveal the theme for any of the categories… however… you might want to jump onto pinterest and start collecting images of current makeup trends to wet the whistle.

Can’t wait to see what everyone submits!

B x