Happy New Year! I trust everyone had a great silly season and are all either slowly getting back into work mode… or by the looks of it on Facebook for my 9-5 friends… violently ripped out of holiday bliss land and thrust into jobs they loved last December. Eep. Maybe some changes to be made there my friends in 2014.

Yesterday I decided to join the world and open my laptop for the first time this year. After a couple of hours I realised that this task was too much to be done solo so headed to a friends place to have a work day. I have a lot to be looking forward to this year and time to get my skates on.

My evil plan of a shared workday to inspire ‘getting back into the swing of things’ didn’t really work as I just got distracted. A lot. I later found out that this was the case for a lot of us… so am letting myself off with a warning.

After a couple of great  You tube distractions… my friend asked me if I had seen the TEDx talk by the worlds most ugliest women?

Um… excuse me?

I was assured this wasn’t what I thought it was going to be… (in my mind I imagined one of those horrific montages making an unfair example of someone who doesn’t look like everyone else)…We tracked down the video and for the next 10 minutes I was inspired and in awe of the amazing Lizzie Velasquez and how she viewed her life. I was inspired by her view of the world and was one of those people who come along and remind you to stop being a baby about small things and focus on the juicy fruit that’s a little further out there on the shaky branches. Not only inspiring but entertaining as well.

After watching this I felt like 2014 was ready to rock and roll… I just had to join it. Combine that with watching ‘About Time’ … and I have inspiration and motivation dripping off the walls.

I couldn’t NOT share this.

Hello 2014…

I am happy to finally meet you.