Painted Hands Behind the Scenes

On day one shooting of my upcoming body art book… my model Kelly and I mucked around with a video at the end of the hands shoot. I uploaded it on Instagram shortly after and there were complaints it was too short.

Well… squeaky wheels… here is the longer version.

Brisbane dates – Sun 26 Jan & Sun 2 Feb

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How Do You Define Yourself?

Happy New Year! I trust everyone had a great silly season and are all either slowly getting back into work mode… or by the looks of it on Facebook for my 9-5 friends… violently ripped out of holiday bliss land and thrust into jobs they loved last December. Eep. Maybe some changes to be made there my friends in 2014.

Yesterday I decided to join the world and open my laptop for the first time this year. After a couple of hours I realised that this task was too much to be done solo so headed to a friends place to have a work day. I have a lot to be looking forward to this year and time to get my skates on.

My evil plan of a shared workday to inspire ‘getting back into the swing of things’ didn’t really work as I just got distracted. A lot. I later found out that this was the case for a lot of us… so am letting myself off with a warning.

After a couple of great  You tube distractions… my friend asked me if I had seen the TEDx talk by the worlds most ugliest women?

Um… excuse me?

I was assured this wasn’t what I thought it was going to be… (in my mind I imagined one of those horrific montages making an unfair example of someone who doesn’t look like everyone else)…We tracked down the video and for the next 10 minutes I was inspired and in awe of the amazing Lizzie Velasquez and how she viewed her life. I was inspired by her view of the world and was one of those people who come along and remind you to stop being a baby about small things and focus on the juicy fruit that’s a little further out there on the shaky branches. Not only inspiring but entertaining as well.

After watching this I felt like 2014 was ready to rock and roll… I just had to join it. Combine that with watching ‘About Time’ … and I have inspiration and motivation dripping off the walls.

I couldn’t NOT share this.

Hello 2014…

I am happy to finally meet you.

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Reasons to Be Beautiful – Behind the Scenes

Today I announced early 2014 dates for ‘Makeup Excellence using Body Art’… (dates at the end of this post)  with that announcement, I also dropped in a subtle fact that I am working on my first book. Very excited pants over here. The first book will be my MEUBA course in print form as well as a body art story. 2014 is looking like a great year already!

As many of us are wrapping up 2013… I wanted to revisit one of my favourite jobs for this year… and that was Black Magazines ‘Reasons To Be Beautiful’ in Issue #20.

Photography – Thom Kerr

Styling: Sarah Birchley Stylist

Beauty: Amber D @ MAC

Hair: Iggy

Body Art: Becca Gilmartin

Model: Gabby Dover @ Priscillas

Reasons to Be Beautiful – Behind the Scenes

This shoot had me labelled by one article written about it as ‘Australia’s Pat McGrath of intricate body art’… wowsers.

The arms took almost 9 hours of painting to complete and was by far the most technically difficult body art to date. The difficulty came in the fact that it was all hand drawn and there was NO room for error.

I am safe now to share some of my behind the scenes pics!

Thanks to MAC for sponsoring me with delicious body art products!

The inspiration pics included many Beatles artworks… so of course there must be condiments crossing a zebra crossing… naturally

By far my favourite character on the whole paint… and he never featured! I had to paint the arms 360 degrees for freedom of shooting… but Mr Hot Dog was never seen. It was a sad day for fun hot dogs. (note my ONE outline error.. not bad for one error in 8 hours!)

The most time consuming part of this paint was painting the colours up to the black ink line and not going over!… it was all done on a white base… so keeping those black lines free from white poking through the colour was a challenge. I did it this way to ensure a solid black, fine line that didn’t look painted on… and needed to apply the ink first. Challenge much?

We all need some cheeky fruit in our lives…

angry mustard.. second favourite character. Who doesn’t love angry mustard

Thank you to Gabby Dover who was the most patient and excellent model I have worked with! Patience of a saint x

Happy to say… no couture was harmed in the making of this editorial!

This job reminded me to let go of being a perfectionist…( the behind the scenes pics will show that)  and to also trust creatives when they have a vision that you may initially think is impossible. Anything is possible with some thought… and once you get on the shoot to let go of the doubt… craziness can be achieved. I wont say what went though my head when I originally saw the original inspiration pic (some may have come out of my mouth.. in the form of ‘are you on drugs?’) but now this is an editorial to be proud of by all xx

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