Playing the Game…

From what I have observed on countless Makeup Forums… in many personal conversations and in the questions of most mua students studying this crazy craft…. is one underlying, seemingly undying, unanswered question..

“What is the secret to success as a makeup artist?”

Some of us obsess over this question… it often lurks in the background of any conversation amongst artists… and some of us even for a few moments in our career (especially in the beginning) chase an illusion that there is ONE magical formula that all successful artists have used and once we find it… we will be set. as I have spoken about before… there IS NO magical formula. It’s all your own creation mixed with hard work, persistence, resilience, integrity, timing and a pinch of luck.

We are lucky in today’s world there is a plethora of resources out there that can help us build and create our careers. New artists today dont seem to have to ‘reinvent the wheel’* when they embark on a career and can learn from past artists journeys then get on with their own creation and resilience. It’s brand new world to when I first started in 2000.

*what i mean by ‘reinventing the wheel’ is having no idea where to start and taking a long time to work out what works and what doesn’t. Back in the day… there was no social media and limited resources except conversations with other, more experienced artists. These days… advice for those beginning moments are more easily accessible and lessons that took longer to learn pre-social media are learnt relatively quickly.

One ingredient that will never change is a very important one. The ingredient for your career I like to call ‘playing the game’.

What this means to me… is the action of putting yourself out there to have fun in the creation of your career without any attachment to a result.

We all know that sitting by the phone wont bring work our way… despite the talent we may or may not have. Saying yes to some TFP work with the attachment to the idea that it will guarantee future work also can bring disappointment and even loss of motivation. Attachment to a result/outcome can be a dangerous way of thinking. If you take the actions without the attachment… that’s where the real magic can happen. Kind of like giving your career some unconditional love. I have learnt over the years that the giving of skills, time and service comes back to you in unexpected ways.

I definatey believe in ‘playing the game’ as being a essential ingredient to your success to compliment the other aspects that work for you. Especially the act of doing things that at first thought scare you, intimidate you or you think you aren’t good enough for… bollocks… stretching yourself is where the gold is at! There is always something to be gained from stretching your limits. Playing it safe can actually slow progress. Stretching yourself could be to introduce yourself to someone who you are scared to talk to… doing that shoot that you aren’t sure if anyone will like…

One thing that you could do.. is expose your talents to industry professionals and put yourself in a situation where there is nothing to do but step up and be a leader in your own career…

Did you like that subtle segway?

Its exactly TWO WEEKS until entries close for the FACE2FACE MAKEUP AWARDS

Download brochure here

There are four categories to enter:

Modern Bride

Runway Inspired

Film Fantasy (spfx and non spfx)

Beauty Editorial

All categories are live competitions except Beauty Editorial which is open to any artist who wants to submit 2 beauty images that fit the brief.

This is my third year being Creative Director for the awards. I love the awards as it opens a forum for Artists at any level of experience to stretch themselves as professionals… and to rub shoulders with peers and industry professionals… the kind of people you want to expose your craft to. If you came into the awards with no attachment to winning… but to learn something and to stretch yourself… only good things can happen. It also can get potential clients interested in seeing what you have been up to!

So you know I actually practice what I preach.. taking on the awards was in itself a practice for me to stretch myself.. I had a horrible fear of public speaking and not only took this project on as I believe in any project that supports new talent… but to take myself on in an area that scared me. Now I love the microphone.

For anyone entering the Film Fantasy non spfx category… dont forget the winner will come along on an exciting project with me… so all those body/face painters… get creative! I cant wait to take the winner on a juicy job…

Judges will officially be announced prior to the competition…

I want to share with you some links from Face2Face Makeup Awards posts I have written in the past for your reference….

If you have ever thought about it… or the thought makes you want to wait until you are ‘ready’… there is no ‘ready’ destination… come this year and have a great time with us!

B x