Save the Date!

If you said to me this time last year that I would be up to what I have been up recently… I may have had to have a lie down… Or burst into a fit of giggles… either way, things today are feeling like how Shapelle Corby must be feeling now lying in her resort complex trying to forget the past 9 years.

The success and results for the artists attending my ‘Makeup Excellence using Body Art’ class has been astounding. I knew that I was onto something what I designed the class to combine Mindset and Body Art to evolve as a makeup artist… the concept certainly was working for me in leaps and bounds… but I never expected it to do this well for everyone. I have been told stories of artists finally ‘getting’ contouring… artists chopping their makeup times… nailing eyeliner… artists nailing job interviews with their new confidence and even simply enjoying this explosion of creativity in my feed on FB from past artist students.

What does this all mean for me? Well… I too am a student of this concept. I put it all into practice for myself daily and have been getting amazing results. Daily there are thought processes that creep in that get in the way of great possibilities for my life and my career… and using what I teach in the class… can get on with focusing on amazing possibilities and not the alternative – thoughts that will keep me from going for it.

yes that’s my face… ha ha ha

I still have the same concerns, hesitancies and doubts as everyone else… however when I put these MEUBA practices into play in my life… I have moved past the things stopping me and not only am I now on my second Australian tour of the class… but I have a publisher for my first Body Art book ( which contains the written version of the class), already thinking about the second book and off to NYC in April to talk about the class at IMATS! It’s quite mind blowing! I also have requests coming out of my ears for guest spots for upcoming Expos… so if you have been thinking of doing the ‘Makeup Excellence using Body Art’ class but haven’t committed… why not come to one of my ‘look and learn’ classes where you can taste test what goes on… and also walk away with exercises to do.


Brisbane and Melbourne

MELBOURNE ARTISTS – see Becca present before she takes it to NYC IMATS!



Melbourne – Central Coast – Sydney

There are still limited places available in my upcoming classes… details below as well as details on my Starter Kits thanks to Kryolan!


email [email protected] for more details

The colours I chose for the starter kits are the colours I will be using for the book … so once all the steps by steps are out… you will be able to paint with ease!

I look forward to seeing where the next few months will take me and my work.

Hopefully I will see you at one of my classes or look and learns!

B x