Three Things You Need to Know About Brows…

The Modern Bride Category is the most popular category at the Face2Face Makeup Awards .. and with less than two weeks to get your entries in… the final countdown is on!

One of our judges, Founder of Get Threaded Liz See has decided to give us three hot tips that we need to know about brows… and she would know!

Even if you are not entering the  Face2Face Makeup Awards… this will be of interest to many newbie mua.

Beautiful Bridal Brows… mmm mmm.


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B x


When creating your make-up masterpieces, (yes every face you apply makeup to- you should think of them as your masterpiece), the brows pay a crucial part in the look you are creating.

Bad brows can change a look in an INSTANT. Not sure you believe that? Google ‘bad brows’ and see what comes up. Yep- they can change a look in an instant!

Which brings me to…..the 3 must knows about brows!

1 – When you train to become a makeup artist you learn so much about makeup, tools, techniques, face shapes and more. You are perfecting your craft of makeup but this does not mean you are perfecting the craft of creating beautiful brows.

If you are a makeup artist for brides, the catwalk or fashion- part of your job no matter what type of makeup work it is, is to ensure the people you are doing makeup for, look the absolute best they can be. By performing some quick preliminary work (can be done via email or in person) and looking at the subjects face and brows you can help determine if they need some assistance in the brow department before the big day.

2 – Our brows are the most expressive part of the face. They should be looked at as a whole for the makeup as well as own their own. What look are you creating? The brows must match and be in harmony for any look.

3 – Help your brides be brow-ready.

One of the biggest beauty blunders I see is brows and bridal makeup. Makeup artists see the brides often 6-12 months in advance and in most cases more than enough time to help the bride get brow ready. These wedding day images are showcased for all to see and even if the bride only chooses one beauty treatment must have- the brows should be it!

Image- Modern Bride Winner Biche Kolesnikoff- Sydney international Spa and Beauty Expo 2013

So you’ve diagnosed that your model’s brows need some TLC- what do you do? Find a brow professional and ask them how much they love brows and why. If they can talk non stop about brows for at least 5 minutes straight and you can hear their brow enthusiasm flowing from within, then you’ve found your brow/makeup buddy. Learn and practice with the best!

The foundation of your future makeup masterpieces is then all set and just ready for your next wave of inspiration!

Liz See x

lets save the world one brow at a time…